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    Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.

    Natoli Engineering Company, Inc., has become a recognized global leader in tablet compression tooling manufacture, supported by an extensive portfolio of technical knowledge and support services.

    Natoli has been at the forefront of the tablet compression industry for half a century, with a reputation for delivering the highest quality tablet compression tooling and premium replacement parts at a fair price with exceptional customer service and unbeatable delivery times.

    Products & Services

    Natoli manufactures premium replacement parts and turrets for all makes and models of tablet presses, a diverse line of specialized, best-in-class tablet presses, and world-renowned tablet compression tooling. Additionally, Natoli provides unparalleled technical support and troubleshooting, technical training courses, and the most comprehensive tablet compression accessories catalog available today.

    Its main product lines are:

    • Tablet Compression Tooling: A very wide range of high-quality punches and dies to manufacture all shapes and sizes of tablet, featuring advanced micro-precision engineering with a choice of more than 15 grades of punch die steel, advanced tool coatings and options to customize to meet specialized applications. Natoli also offers superior die table segments for Fette presses that can raise productivity by more than 25%.
    • Tablet Presses: Natoli offers a line of affordable research and production tablet presses, including single-station, rotary, fully automated, and manual machines. These machined are designed to help users optimize tablet quality while saving time and reducing costs.
    • Encapsulation Parts: Through its Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts subsidiary, Natoli offers a comprehensive range of premium replacement and upgrade parts and service kits for most major brands of capsule making machines, including ACG, Bosch, Capsylon, Bohanan, Sejong, etc.. Precision engineered and manufactured from the highest quality materials, Natoli  encapsulation change and spare parts such as dosing disks, magazine assemblies, wiper blocks, and pins, meet and often exceed the functionality and longevity of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.
    • Instrumentation and Control Software: Natoli’s easy-to-use AIM™ Software facilitates and speeds tablet and capsule research and development and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, confectionery, and veterinary industries. The flexible Natoli AIM™ platform is featured on Natoli R&D and production tablet presses and can be retrofitted to most brands of tablet presses or encapsulation machines, roller compactors, and high-shear granulators.
    • Tablet Compression Accessories: Natoli’s unique printed or downloadable Tablet Compression Accessories Catalog features hundreds of products to help manufacturers ensure tablet quality, increase productivity, and prolong tool life. The catalog includes dozens of products designed to improve the life and product yield of tablet compression tooling, along with hundreds of quality accessories to support the entire tablet compression process, accompanied by helpful tips from Natoli experts.

    Company History and Structure

    Based in St. Charles, near St. Louis, Missouri, the company was founded in 1973 by Carmelo J. Natoli (1932-2012), with ideas based on his previous experience as a machinist.

    Natoli’s aims in business were to provide his customers with only the highest quality tablet compression tools at fair prices and with attentive service. His company has remained true to that core mission ever since, progressively expanding into the manufacture of entire tablet presses, operating systems and software and encapsulation parts, along with value added technical and consultancy services.

    Today, Natoli Engineering occupies modern buildings, strategically  located in one of the Midwest’s finest progressive industrial parks, on an 11,500 square meter campus that includes administrative, manufacturing, refurbishing, training, and cleaning centers, along with facilities designated for product demonstration and testing. Natoli Engineering also has regional technical centers around the world to serve international customers.

    Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.

    Contact Information
    Address: 28 Research Park Circle, Saint Charles, MO 63304, USA
    Telephone No: +1 636 926 8900
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Web Address:

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