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June 15th 2023

The reputation of Natoli Engineering Company, Inc., was first built on the uncompromising quality of its tableting punches and dies. Over half a century since its founding in 1973 it has evolved into a center of excellence in all aspects of tablet compression manufacturing.

Natoli’s portfolio of products and services now extends to tablet compression tooling, tablet presses, replacement and upgrade turrets and components, along with leading-edge technical consultancy and training.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing, research, and training facilities, an award-winning engineering team, and dedicated production staff, Natoli is able to offer a one-stop-shop range of solutions that enable customers to ensure right-first-time tablet quality.

Tablet Compression Tooling

Natoli’s very wide range of high-quality punches and dies can support almost any tablet press machine on the market in configurations that include carbide-tip, multi-tip, micro-tab, rotating heads/tips, IMA Comprima tooling, Kilian type, 3D exotics, die table segments, and lined dies. It also offers superior die table segments for Fette presses that can raise productivity by more than 25%. to manufacture all shapes and sizes of tablet.

All Natoli press-specific tooling features advanced micro-precision engineering and is produced from steel that is held to stringent quality specifications, thoroughly quarantined and tested and sent through computerized vacuum internal quench heat-treating systems.

Natoli’s specialty tool coatings and treatments will further increase tool life and product yield, again customized to exact product requirements.

Tablet Presses

Natoli offers an extensive line of affordable research and production tablet presses, including single-station, rotary, fully automated, and manual machines. These machines are engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A. and built on four decades of experience in the tableting industry with designs and features that allow users to optimize tablet quality while saving time and reducing costs.

Natoli’s single station NP-RD10A and rotary NP-RD30 Research Tablet Presses are designed for laboratory scale proofing batches, clinical trial support and scale up studies and simulation with features such as multi-layering capabilities, independent control of tablet hardness and weight to meet tablet production requirements and quick tooling changes.

The five machines in Natoli’s Production Tablet Press range incorporate advanced engineering such as strengthened drive systems and gearboxes designed to generate the higher compression forces required for the most demanding tablets and a unique cam system that increases the natural vacuum created when the lower punches are pulled down under the feeder opening for more complete die filling. All production machines deliver high outputs with the affordable ND-155 using double sided design to deliver up to 270,000 tablets per hour, while the heavy-duty rotary NP-500 press can produce almost 335,000 tablets per hour, combined with extended dwell times.

Tablet Press Replacement Parts

Natoli also specializes in manufacturing its own range of premium replacement parts for a wide range of leading tablet press ranges, including Cadmac, Kikusui, Manesty, Colton, Kilian, Fette, Korsch, and Stokes machines.

These parts include die locks, cam tracks, turrets, pressure rollers, and feeder assemblies, manufactured to quality that at least matches and often exceeds OEM parts and usually at highly competitive prices.

Encapsulation Parts

Through its Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts subsidiary, Natoli also offers a comprehensive range of premium replacement and upgrade parts and service kits for most major brands of capsule making machines, including ACG, Bosch, Capsylon, Bohanan, Sejong, etc.  Precision engineered and manufactured from the highest quality materials, Natoli encapsulation change and spare parts such as dosing disks, magazine assemblies, wiper blocks, and pins, meet and often exceed the functionality and longevity of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Instrumentation and Control Software

Natoli’s easy-to-use AIM™ Software provides a universal data acquisition, analysis and control platform to facilitate more precise tablet and capsule research and development and speed manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, confectionery, and veterinary industries.

The flexible Natoli AIM™ platform is featured on Natoli R&D and production tablet presses and can be retrofitted to most brands of tablet presses or encapsulation machines, roller compactors, and high-shear granulators.

Tablet Compression Accessories

The unique printed or downloadable Natoli Engineering Tablet Compression Accessories Catalog features hundreds of products to help manufacturers ensure tablet quality, increase productivity, and prolong tool life.

The catalog includes dozens of products designed to improve the life and product yield of tablet compression tooling, along with hundreds of quality accessories to support the entire tablet compression process, including press set up kits and support equipment such as dedusters, industrial vacuum cleaners, and metal detectors to keep presses running smoothly.

The Accessory range also includes Natoli’s Tool Management-II (TM-II) tablet compression tooling management software, that can be combined with the Laser Vision System (LVS) punch inspection device to provide automatic inspection data storage and analysis.

Natoli Services

Natoli’s headquarters is strategically located in one of the Midwest’s finest progressive industrial parks, where its 120,000-sq ft campus includes administrative, manufacturing, refurbishing, training, and cleaning room facilities designated for product demonstration and testing.

From here and from its regional technical centers around the world, Natoli provides an impressive range of value-added services that include:

  • Tool and tablet design: Natoli engineers can design tools to maximize performance and optimize tool life and then help customers with their product development phases, including development of more efficient and effective tablet designs.
  • Tablet press refurbishing: Natoli’s experienced engineers can rebuild most major models of customer presses to exceed OEM quality and functionality.
  • Technical training: Natoli’s hands-on Training courses and discussion sessions are renowned for the quality of insights and experience delivered by its veteran technical services team at our state-of-the-art-facilities across the globe.
  • Natoli Scientific: Natoli Scientific Division offers advanced laboratory services to customers to develop optimum solutions to their tableting, product formulation, and tooling challenges..
  • Natoli Metallurgy: Natoli is unique among tooling manufacturers in having an in-house Metallurgy Division that can suggest materials and treatments to significantly improve customers’ manufacturing processes.


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Natoli Engineering Products & Services

Natoli Engineering’s modern manufacturing and research campus in Missouri has developed into a global center of excellence in tablet production.

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