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Modifying iPS Cells With Lentivirus to build more robust disease models

products-servicesSIRION Biotech GmbH
December 15th 2015

SIRION Biotech can now use Lentivirus to modify induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cellsto enhance their usefulness in research. Modifying with gene markers can help researchers track each cell’s development and study their signaling properties. Inducing gene mutations in this way can help create new genetic models for different diseases.

Using viral vectors in research

Engineered iPS cells are essential biotech tools, used to develop new treatments for a long list of diseases and physiological conditions including diabetes, Parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries.

SIRION Biotech has worked with Dr. Alejandro Soto-Gutierrez, Assistant Professor of Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh and expert in working with different stem cell cultures, who uses viral vectors in his research to deliver more robust and consistent results.

Advanced lentiviral technologies have helped Dr.Soto-Gutierrez develop new strategies to grow and select iPS cells to understand hepatic tissue assembly and regeneration. His findings will be essential in the development of new therapies by modeling different liver pathologies, closer to the in-vivo situation.

Dr. Soto-Gutierrez has said that SIRION’s viral systems assist his research approach and his studies of human tissue biology.

Gene modification strategies

While iPS cells are seldom modified in the end-application, it can be tremendously helpful when researching their properties during therapy development. Gene markers help track the cells’ developmental status, localize them in in-vivo applications or study their genetic signaling properties. Inducing gene mutations leads to the creation of new disease models.

SIRION Biotech specializes in development of gene modification strategies for even the most difficult cell types. With a complete toolbox of high-end technologies, years of experience and more than 500 successful projects the laboratory caters to top academic and industrial scientists, such as Dr. Soto-Gutierrez, all around the world.

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