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    Mikron Automation medical device assembly

    products-servicesMikron Automation
    March 13th 2017

    Automation Platforms

    Mikron has built its reputation on cutting-edge, standardized, self-developed assembly and testing systems, which stand out thanks to their modularity, high degree of flexibility and precision. This guarantees fast and efficient project completion, enabling customers to modify their production quickly in line with market changes at any time, while also facilitating step-by-step investment, ensuring prompt ROI at each stage.

    Mikron Automation can provide customer-specific and highly productive automation assembly and testing systems based on two basic platforms:

    Mikron G05™

    The Mikron G05™ is designed and engineered to support high-volume production solutions for hand-held devices.

    The G05 linear assembly cell is based on the use of standardized ‘building blocks’, offering flexibility and modularity. This proven and stable platform ensures speed, precision and reliability of the automation solution. Multiple cells can be linked together allowing full layout flexibility. Improved accessibility for both operational and maintenance personnel is guaranteed as a result of the system’s linear concept.

    The use of manual working stations, semi-automatic and fully automatic cells offers progressive investment from pilot scale to fully automatic line production.

    Mikron EcoLine™

    Mikron EcoLine is designed for medium-volume assembly of hand held products.

    Again it uses Mikron’s standard modular philosophy to offer flexibility and easier scale up. The combination of manual working stations and automatic modules allows for progressive investment from pilot line to fully automatic line.

    Feeding Systems

    Based on Mikron Automation vast experience in the assembly field, we offer specific feeding platforms ranging from tray handlers to flexible feeding systems. Fully integrated into the Mikron environment, feeding solutions add value to the overall solution, maximizing high productivity, flexibility, reliability and user-friendly operation. All feeding systems are compliant with clean-room production, ISO class 7.

    Mikron Polyfeed™

    Mikron Polyfeed™ is a flexible feeding system that combines visual recognition and vertical vibration systems to identify parts in their various forms and positions. Feed-in speeds can reach 80 parts per minute, depending on component design, handling components ranging in size from 1 to 50 mm3.

    Mikron Tray Handler™

    The Mikron Tray Handler is highly standardized to support a wide range of applications from single tray to multiple stacks and for tray sizes from 300 x 400 to 400 x 600 mm. It is designed to feed in parts that are susceptible to damage or contamination if fed using other methods such as bowl feeders.

    Engineered to integrate into the Mikron modular concept to meet the various demands required in today’s automation market, the Tray Handler is configurable to allow easy integration of additional in-tray process such as lid handling, inkjet printing, and quality inspection.

    Mikron EcoPal™

    The Mikron EcoPal™ standardized tray handler offers a competitively priced, flexible feeding system designed for parts that are sensitive to damage or contamination if fed using other methods such as bowl feeders.

    Mikron EcoPal is ergonomically designed and highly adaptable to various types of industrial trays used in the medical, automotive, electronics and other industries. It is capable of handling tray sizes from 200 mm x 300 mm to 400 mm x 600 mm. A design that allows buffer size to be extended with ease supports medium to high autonomy.

    Quality and Certification

    Mikron Automation ensures all platforms fully comply with the latest certification standards right from the concept stage. All basic hardware and software platforms are validated to GAMP-5 and compatible with 21 CFR part 11, with specific emphasis on ergonomics and tool cleaning to ensure conformity with GMP standards.

    The entire Mikron product family takes account of the special conditions governing clean room ISO 7 (class 10,000) application.


    Mikron - The Automation Solution

    Mikron Automation medical device assembly

    Mikron Automation G05™ twin process module for medical device assembly

    Mikron Automation medical device assembly

    Mikron Tray Handler is ideally suited to feeding in fragile medical device components

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