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    Mannitol Spheres SANAQ®

    products-servicesPharmatrans Sanaq AG
    August 2nd 2022

    Pharmatrans Sanaq offers Mannitol spheres for formulations that demand use of neutral beads as an alternative to conventional sugar spheres.

    The application for spheroid Mannitol pellets is the same as sugar spheres, but with the advantages of avoiding sugar in formulations where this is an important consideration as well as taking advantage of the superior properties of mannitol compared the lactose or sorbitol in some tableting applications.

    Mannitol Spheres application

    A pioneering study (Goyanes et al., 2010), investigated control of drug release by incorporating  sorbitol or mannitol in microcrystalline-cellulose (MCC)-based pellets prepared by extrusion-spheronization. Mixtures of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) with sorbitol (up to 50%) or mannitol dose  (up to 80%) were investigated as major excipients for controlled accelerated release of the model poorly water-soluble drug hydrochlorothiazide from pellets prepared by extrusion/spheronization. All pellet formulations had satisfactory morphological, mechanical and flow properties. Together they presented a wide range of drug release profiles in 0.1 M HCl and fastest release was found using pellets with an 80% mannitol dose, which rapidly underwent complete disintegration.


    ‌Goyanes, A., Souto, C. and Martínez-Pacheco, R. (2010). Control of drug release by incorporation of sorbitol or mannitol in microcrystalline-cellulose-based pellets prepared by extrusion-spheronization. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 15(6), pp.626–635. doi:10.3109/10837450903419653.


    Click on Control of drug release by incorporation of sorbitol or mannitol in MCC-based pellets  to access full study
    Click on MANNITOL SPHERES SANAQ® to view specification.



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