Leak testing pharmaceuticals – more than patient protection

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September 24th 2021

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Ensuring that every vial, ampoule, bag, and syringe is properly filled and sealed is critical to ensuring the health and safety of patients. International regulations require the use of leak testing for pharmaceutical products.

But leak testing does more than protect patients. Consistent leak testing and analysis of test results can lead to innovations in packaging such as:

  • reduction of raw material requirements,
  • development of unique container shapes and sizes,
  • and even increases in production efficiencies.

Bonfiglioli Engineering offers leak testing equipment capable of non-destructive test methods that ensure the integrity of every package, protecting the amount and purity of every dose. Our experience in the pharmaceutical industry means we can advise at every step of the process, from testing and packaging technologies to regulations.

Read to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Bonfiglioli Engineering and adding advanced leak testing to your pharmaceutical production process.

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Leak testing pharmaceuticals – more than patient protection