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    Join CRYOPDP at CEBioForum 2024 in Warsaw – Exploring Poland’s Thriving Healthcare Landscape

    March 20th 2024

    Poland has emerged as a global hub in clinical research and medical advancements and continues attracting attention from healthcare professionals and industry leaders worldwide.  Poland’s central location in Europe makes it attractive for multinational clinical trials. Many factors contribute to its growing prominence:

    • Access to Diverse Patient Populations – Poland’s population is diverse, making it an attractive location for clinical trials.
    • Skilled Workforce—Poland boasts a well-educated and skilled workforce in medicine, bioinformatics, and related sciences. This pool of talent contributes to the quality of research conducted in Poland.
    • Investment in Research Infrastructure – Over the years, Poland has significantly invested in its research infrastructure, including hospitals, clinics, and research institutions. This infrastructure supports the conduct of clinical trials and facilitates collaboration between researchers and industry partners.
    • Government Support – The Polish government has actively supported initiatives promoting medical research and innovation. This support comes from funding, tax incentives, and policies to foster research and development in the healthcare sector.

    Poland’s influence in the global healthcare industry continues to grow due to the country’s commitment to improving Fhealthcare quality by fostering medical innovation and implementing effective healthcare policies and initiatives.

    The Central European BioForum (CEBioForum) conference will focus on clinical research and bioinformatics in Warsaw, Poland. The conference provides networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers worldwide.

    CRYOPDP, a global leader in temperature-controlled logistics solutions for the life sciences industry, is pleased to announce its participation in the prestigious CEBioForum event. The event, which will take place from March 26 to 27, 2024, will bring together key stakeholders from the biopharmaceutical industry to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in the field.

    CRYOPDP invites attendees to visit Booth 10L to learn more about its contributions to the field. The team will showcase its comprehensive suite of services and share insights into the latest developments in temperature-controlled logistics. These will include the transport of biological samples, logistics for clinical trials, logistics for high-value and low-value medical samples, direct-to-patient logistics, supply-chain and cold-chain logistics, customs clearance, and customs regulations for healthcare shipments.

    “We are excited to once again participate in CEBioForum and engage with industry leaders to drive innovation in biopharma logistics,” said Krzysztof Sawicki, General Manager of Poland, NL, and Germany. At CRYOPDP, we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients and collaborating closely to advance impactful research that transforms lives.

    CRYOPDP’s commitment to clinical trials, temperature-controlled logistics, and transportation aligns seamlessly with Poland’s growing reputation as a global hub for cutting-edge medical research. CEBioForum serves as a vital platform for driving collaboration and innovation in Poland’s biopharmaceutical sector, and CRYOPDP is proud to be a part of this transformative event. By leveraging its expertise and resources, CRYOPDP remains committed to supporting the country’s research community and advancing medical science in Poland and beyond.

    We encourage attendees to connect with CRYOPDP at CEBioForum and discover how CRYOPDP can support your research goals. For more information about CRYOPDP and its participation in CEBioForum, please visit

    About CRYOPDP

    CRYOPDP operates in 16 countries worldwide, serving customers in over 150 countries. Recognising the importance of temperature-controlled logistics to the life sciences, CRYOPDP provides premium logistics, cold chain solutions, and tailor-made services for its clients. CRYOPDP is known for its reliability, flexibility, and expertise in global logistics. CRYOPDP is part of the Cryoport Inc.

    About CEBioForum 2024

    The Central European BioForum (CEBioForum) is a knowledge-sharing and networking forum for professionals contributing to the development of biotechnology in Central and Eastern Europe. The event was founded in 2004 to reflect the rapid growth of the Polish biotechnology sector.

    CEBioForum 2024 is a two-day event opening on March 26 at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in central Warsaw. 

    The event is expected to attract 400 participants representing more than 160 companies and organisations from some 15 countries and will feature five-panel discussions, six lectures and numerous Biotech Pitch Presentations. 

    CEBioForum 2024 is organised by the Polish Biotechnology Association with further information at:


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    Join CRYOPDP at CEBioForum 2024 in Warsaw – Exploring Poland’s Thriving Healthcare Landscape
    Join CRYOPDP at CEBioForum 2024 in Warsaw – Exploring Poland’s Thriving Healthcare Landscape

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