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    CRYOPDP, when Temperature-Controlled Logistics is needed

    February 28th 2024

    CRYOPDP is a Life Sciences supply chain logistics provider with extensive experience providing customised, tailor-made, turnkey global transport and clinical trials logistics solutions. It serves the life sciences and healthcare industries by providing high-value, time-critical and temperature-sensitive shipments.

    CRYOPDP product and service offers cover the entire healthcare temperature-controlled supply chain, including preparation, packaging, specialist courier services, consultancy and setup solutions. It has become the courier of choice for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial sponsors, central labs and API manufacturers.

    The company also prides itself on its quality and reliability, with a mission focus on supporting health worldwide by finding better ways to deliver biological samples and innovative, patient-centric drug therapies. CRYOPDP constantly seeks to add value by ensuring seamless stakeholder collaboration, leveraging innovative digital, tech, and turnkey solutions, and designing customised and flexible logistic solutions.

    In Clinical Trials Logistics, CRYOPDP offers solutions, specialising in Temperature-Controlled Logistics and providing tailor-made options.

    Temperature-controlled logistics (TCL ) is dedicated to the precise, safe and monitored handling of life science shipments and orders.  These disciplines are crucial for adhering to key distribution processes and standards, ensuring the integrity of valuable and sensitive life sciences consignments. They also provide reliable solutions, offering customers a stress-free experience.  From packaging, including cooling source packages covering the entire temperature spectrum from controlled ambient (15oC -25oC) to cryogenic ultra-low temperature-controlled packaging (TCP) to transport and tailor-made solutions. CRYOPDP is supported by an International global network, ensuring capabilities worldwide.  With a focus on quality and reliability, all packaging involves a full range of high-standard, qualified, single-use, reusable TCP products, ensuring meeting sustainability standards.

    Centred on customer needs, the key differentiating point of CRYOPDP is the tailor-made solutions, ensuring each shipment precisely aligns with customers’  needs and intentions. This commitment is evident as CRYOPDP provides tailor-made solutions that add value, with practical options crafted to fit client’s needs, including:

    • Onboard Courier Expeditions: Tailored plans for efficient deliveries, with continuous tracking and meticulous accountability.
    • White Glove Supervision: Meticulous care for delicate items.
    • Dangerous Goods Management: Safe transport for hazardous materials.
    • Direct-To-Patient Services: Tailored projects for seamless delivery.
    • Lab Relocation Solutions: Efficient moves and sample transport for labs.
    • Management and Consultancy Services
    • Customs Clearance and Study Setup

    Simplicity guides CRYOPDP’s approach, prioritising flexibility and reliability to ensure a seamless experience for unique transport and logistics needs. Tailored solutions encompass a full range of high-standard, qualified, single-use, or reusable TCP products, providing comprehensive support for diverse requirements.

    About CRYOPDP

    CRYOPDP operates in 16 countries worldwide, serving customers in over 150 countries. Recognising the importance of temperature-controlled logistics to the life sciences, CRYOPDP provides premium logistics, cold chain solutions, and tailor-made services for its clients. CRYOPDP is known for its reliability, flexibility and wealth of global logistics expertise. CRYOPDP is part of the Cryoport Inc.

    About Cryoport, Inc

    Cryoport, Inc. (Nasdaq: CYRX) is a global provider of innovative products and services to the fast-growing Cell and Gene Therapy industry – enabling the future of medicine for a new era of life sciences. With 48 strategic locations covering the Americas, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific),  Cryoport’s global platform provides mission-critical bio-logistics, bio-storage, bio-processing, and cryogenic systems to the life sciences markets worldwide.

    Within the Cryoport group of companies, CRYOPDP operates from 37 company-owned offices worldwide, covering more than 150 countries with dedicated networks and having more than 150 agents.


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