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Isochem focus on pharma and custom synthesis pays growth dividends

news-releasesISOCHEM S.A.S
June 29th 2015

Vert-Le-Petit, France: –Fine chemicals and active ingredients specialist CMO Isochem has seen growth and productivity gains from its recent strategy of focusing on pharmaceutical business opportunities, with emphasis on custom synthesis.

“As we expected, our new focus on pharma started in 2011, has led to noticeable growth in sales turnover and renewed vigor in our manufacturing and product pipeline,” said President Björn Schlosser.

Double digit growth

Vice-President for Sales and Development, Amélie Arboré, added: “Our figures for the first half of 2015 demonstrate a 25% increase in annual growth rate which is already fully consolidated in forward orders for the second half of the year and going on into 2016.”

“With the addition of emerging new pipeline projects, the future outlook for Isochem’s business is that this growth will be sustained over the coming three years without any adverse trends,” she declared.

Custom synthesis demand

Main growth drivers have been increased demand for Isochem’s custom synthesis products, along with the company’s catalog products, generic APIs and excipients.

Isochem has also expanded exports outside its native France, and has particularly raised its profile in North America.

“Our project portfolio and pipeline have never looked healthier, with some 15 new products added each year since 2013. We expect to renew around 35 per cent of our total production portfolio by value over the current year,” said Ms. Arboré.

Capacity increase

Growing sales and demand have also been reflected in additional human resources and plant capacity at Isochem.

The company is recruiting a new business manager to join the team at Vert-Le-Petit. The company has also strengthened its production, quality assurance and quality control teams as it ramps up manufacturing capacity.

Production tools have also been improved with the addition of a new Hastelloy thin film distillation unit with daily capacity of more than 500Kg. This is particularly significant in boosting Isochem’s distinctive cGMP phosgene intermediates business.

High technology

Isochem’s product list is regularly upgraded with key technology-based products like R-(3) Quinuclidinol made by chiral hydrogenation, new amino acid NCA monomers for peptide polymers used in drug delivery technologies or with new generic products like Solifenacine succinate

About Isochem

Isochem S.A.S. is a contract manufacturer with a century-old heritage in fine chemistry and a 40-year track record in providing high quality fine chemicals, APIs and mastering complex processes. The company can manufacture products and provide services at the most recent and stringent pharmaceutical regulatory standards.

Isochem, along with UK-based subsidiary Wychem, serves a broad range of customers in many application fields, from leading global companies to virtual and emerging organizations, offering services in three pharma-related fields: custom synthesis, high technology manufacturing in multi-step chemical synthesis including the safe implementation of hazardous reactions, and direct supply of more than 2,300 specific compounds and products, including phosgene derivatives, regulated and non-regulated intermediates and active ingredients.

Isochem can also provide attractive synthetic tools such as activated aminoacids building blocks (N-CarboxyAnhydride NCA) used in peptide chemistry. It is also expert in process optimization from pre-clinical development to full-scale production.

Isochem, a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich-based Aurelius AG, is an international company with some 400 employees worldwide. The Head office is located near Paris, in Vert-Le-Petit, France, alongside one of Isochem’s five manufacturing sites.


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