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    Is your packaging quality optimized?

    news-releasesBonfiglioli Engineering S.r.l.
    December 23rd 2020

    Hello from the B.E. Exchange team,

    Discover the Lab series:

    Lasercube, SAIL, LF-SMH, LF-400A containing laboratory, in-process and offline leak detection and packaging integrity solutions for your container inspection needs.

    Learn about this series of packaging inspection solutions for most container types, including pharmaceutical containers and aerosol cans, using only certified and proven non-invasive, non-destructive test methods such as Closed Container Integrity Testing (CCIT), Headspace Gas Analysis (HGA) and Automatic Visual Inspection (AVI).

    Have questions regarding your container inspection? Contact us today and one of our package inspection experts will help determine the right solution for you.


    To learn more click here.


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    Is your packaging quality optimized?

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