Introducing the NEW LT-Pro Leak Tester

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April 14th 2021

Continuous innovation in packaging inspection is essential as laboratories are increasingly focused on flexibility, ease-of-use, and ergonomics to meet and exceed GxP standards.

Bonfiglioli Engineering meets this need by providing trusted and reliable products, such as the new LT-Pro Leak Tester, with its ability to test small batches of different container-types with multiple test methods, an all-in-one packaging inspection solution.

LT-Pro Leak Tester

  • Incorporates innovations such as multiple test methods – including vacuum decay and pressure decay – and offers a wide-range of tooling options. And with increased memory capacity and an optional flexible membrane you can now test more containers than ever.
  • Performs the same non-destructive and non-invasive package inspection tests as larger in-line machines, with a higher degree of accuracy (available with either 5 µm or 1 µm accuracy upon user application needs).
  • Provides a compact, lightweight stand alone system solutions that is easy-to-clean, easy-to-move, and easy-to-operate. An intuitive touchscreen interface lets you customize test types, data requirements, preferred unit of measure, and test time.

When versatility is precisely the solution you need. With the LT-Pro Leak Tester you are now able to achieve your goals faster, more reliably, and with less effort.

Discover how LT-Pro Leak Tester can provide package integrity assurance customized to your evolving demands.


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Introducing the NEW LT-Pro Leak Tester