Insulin Transportation – Cooler Bags

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Insulin Transportation – Cooler Bags

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02 AUGUST 2012

Insulin Transportation – Cooler Bags

Sofrigam fully understands the importance of the preservation of insulin and therefore provides solutions to protect insulin in transportation. The preservation of insulin is one of the major preoccupations for patients, as it is for the distributors and dispensing chemists.

Insulin Cooler Bags
Sofrigam offers insulin travel bags for safe insulin transportation from laboratories to distributors, wholesalers or chemists. Sofrigam supplies various ranges of heat insulated packaging to accommodate the volume of products to be shipped and the travel time.

Insulin Cooler Pouch – Coolvax
Sofrigam also offers the Coolvax which is a cooler pouch that can be purchased directly from us and is for use by diabetics to preserve their insulin at between +2°C and +8°C on transportation from the chemists to home or for short travel trips. The cooler pouches are available in various sizes and preserve the insulin from 30 minutes to 2 hours. For larger volumes of insulin or for longer travel times, then the Thermotousse or Sofribag packaging should be used. These bags are reusable and just need to be disinfected after each use, no further maintenance is required.

Insulin must be stored and transported with care as it is susceptible to factors such as excessive heat and freezing. As insulin is a heat sensitive product it needs to kept within in a safe and controlled range of temperatures. Therefore there should be no temperature variations in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment. Insulin must not reach the critical +8°C or drop below +2°C, if this occurs the insulin deteriorates it is therefore critical to ensure the insulin is kept at the same temperature throughout transportation.

From the moment the insulin is prepared in the injector pen, it can be kept at room temperature for a short time before use (up to about +20°C). However it must never be subjected to major temperature fluctuations or be exposed to heat. In summer it may be necessary to use heat insulated packaging with a gel pack to maintain the correct temperature.

To avoid freezing, the gel must be used correctly for example, it is better to keep it in the refrigerator before use rather than the freezer.

Sofrigam’s insulin cooler bags have two pouches which are used for gel packs which are quite slim and do not come into direct contact with the product. This keeps the insulin cool when outside temperatures are high, without the risk of freezing.

The incorrect preservation of insulin can make the treatment ineffective. It is strongly recommended not to use an insulin injector pen that has been exposed to heat or been frozen (through incorrect use of a refrigerating gel for example). Insulated or refrigerant packing is essential for preserving all the therapeutic properties of the treatment.

For more information or to discuss insulin transportation cooler bags please contact us directly.

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