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Indicators and enzyme substrates by BIOSYNTH – ALDOL®

September 4th 2018


The Aldol® indicator platform is designed to visualize chemical, biochemical or even physical changes in the environment. As such it represents a modern version of traditional indicator systems. However, the Aldol® indicator platform is modular and can be tailored to many applications. For example, it can stain bacteria or change the color of a solution. It can produce fluorescence and a wide range of colors both in solution or as percipitate. Some types of Aldol® dyes readily dissolve in polyethylene or paraffin oil thereby creating bright and permanent fluorescence. Yet another important feature of the Aldol® indicator platform is that the signal (color or fluorescence) is generated without help of oxygen or any other auxiliary agent. It simply responds to a stimulus such as the activation through an enzyme by an intramolecular rearrangement which results in the structure of the dye.


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