Immortalised Cell Lines for Cell Based Assays

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Immortalised Cell Lines for Cell Based Assays

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Immortalised Cell Lines for Cell Based Assays

Evercyte as a producer of high innovative cell lines – immortalised cell lines, primary cells, urine derived stem cells (iPS cells)– bioassays and valued partner for customer tailored cell line services supports industry and customers, especially with their long-term experience in research and development.

There’s been a huge increase in the applications that derive from analysis of biological activity of biosimilars and biopharmaceuticals, along with ever-greater restrictions on the uses of animal testing. Together, these factors have greatly increased the need for Immortalised Cell Lines for cell based assays, biosimilar characterisation, testing of efficacy and potency.

Furthermore, the demands of regulation and compliance mean these cell lines need to be produced under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions.

Evercyte is now able to meet these needs with an expanded line of GMP-standard human cell lines, produced in partnership with Vela Laboratories (VelaLabs), a provider of analytical services to the global biopharmaceutical industry.

Immortalised Cell Lines
Evercyte has been able to expand its product range to include:
• Innovative stable reporter cell lines for characterisation of specific biopharmaceuticals
• Immortalised reporter cell lines that maintain their primary like functionalities
• Immortalised cells that eliminate all donor variations to guarantee standard and reproducible assays

All these cell lines are produced in a full GMP-standard environment to meet manufacturers’ regulatory compliance needs. Cell based assays are also produced under GMP conditions using relevant, primary-like immortalised cells for reliable results.

Evercyte is now able to meet specific customer needs even more closely with specific, immortalised cell lines that help manufacturers in being GMP-compliant from genesis, with significant savings in time and money.

They enable manufacturers to achieve reliable results in shorter timescales and with lower costs and need for compliance support auditing.

These GMP-produced immortalised cell lines now provide a go-to option for manufacturers who need standardised cell systems for analysis.

The adoption of fully traceable, documented and standardised production processes enable a quantum leap in testing and analysis capabilities for immortalised cell lines.

Furthermore, the development of specific immortalised cell lines for testing biosimilars allows broad analytical methods to be complemented with specific portfolios, developed to specific customer requirements for testing and analysis of biosimilars and biopharmaceuticals.

These specifications can include donor types (healthy, diseased, male, female, etc.), cell and tissue types, or additional introduction of specific genes of interest.

Supply and Licensing Models
Evercyte offers its products to academic and/or non-profit-organisations as well as to for-profit companies. Cell lines are provided on a licensed basis and over specific timeframes.

Licensing fees are determined by:
• Client profile (Academic/not-for profit organisation vs. commercial company)
• End value of use of Evercyte-produced material in client laboratory
• Licensing period (up to three trial terms of six months duration, followed by three year fixed terms)
• Degree of unique Evercyte innovation/development present in immortalised cell line

For more information about immortalised cell lines for cell based assays, please contact Evercyte directly.

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