How to check the seal of your hermetically sealed container without destroying it

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May 5th 2021

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The Vacuum Decay Method (VDM) is a well-established non-destructive inspection technology used to check the integrity of a hermetically sealed container, without compromising the packaging or its contents in any way.

Vacuum Decay Method for Non-Destructive Testing of Sealed Containers is a recently published article in which our R&D manager, Davide Formenti, spoke to us about the characteristics of this technology related to the industrial applications. In this article you can learn more about the following:

  • How the Vacuum Decay Method works: this technique does not damage the container or the product inside; and once seal integrity has been verified the product can proceed on the production line.
  • How continuous process improvements allow manufacturers to integrate the inspection process directly into the production line at the required speed and still achieve reliable and accurate non-destructive packaging integrity results.
  • How customized inspection equipment with VDM technology can be performance-tested using various package types performed both at the equipment manufacturer and at the production site, to ensure specifications meet the user requirements.
  • How regular preventive maintenance and possible upgrades of the testing machine can improve its performance over time.

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How to check the seal of your hermetically sealed container without destroying it