Headspace Gas Analysis (HGA) promises packaging integrity

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August 18th 2020

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Headspace Gas Analysis (HGA) promises packaging integrity.

Headspace gas analysis measures the quantity of certain gases in the “headspace” of a hermetically sealed package, so that the food, drug, or cosmetic is free from contamination and safe to use.

In this article, Davide Formenti, R&D Manager, Bonfiglioli Engineering shares the fundamentals of Headspace Gas Analysis (HGA) in pharmaceutical packaging. You can learn:

  • what Headspace Gas Analysis (HGA) is and how it works.
  • solutions available for pharmaceutical packaging.
  • the advantages HGA offers

You can also dive deeper into the subject through our “Ask the Expert” series which further elaborates this inspection technology.

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Headspace Gas Analysis (HGA) promises packaging integrity