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Formpipe to Sponsor 2014 BIA UK CEO and Investors Forum

June 24th 2014

Stockholm, Sweden: – Formpipe a market leader in Enterprise Quality Management Software solution (EQMS) are official sponsors of this year’s 2014 BIA UK CEO and Investors Forum, on the 10th and 11th July 2014, Formpipe have previously attended events organised by BIA UK, the most recent being in October 2013.

Mr Jacob Matthew, Business Development Manager at Formpipe, has said of the event “The 2014 BIA UK CEO and Investors Forum, the only UK based forum of its type will hopefully bring together the decision makers that will move forward the advances in the life sciences and bioscience sectors, and will give us a chance to showcase the Platina QMS solution.

“The Platina QMS by Formpipe is the most innovative product, which can revolutionise your productivity. You will have full traceability and searchability, and this product will save you time and money, as well as being easier to manage than any product you are currently using.”

Formpipe’s web-based software Platina QMS supports easy creation, management, tracking and control of all quality related information, documents, events, records, tasks and processes.

About Formpipe

Swedish-based Formpipe is a leading Information Technology organisation, providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to companies operating within strict regulatory environments including pharmaceutical, medical device and other life science organisations.

Formpipe offers Platina QMS as an Electronic Quality Management System (EQMS) used to maximise both control and efficiency. The flexible web-based software enables easy creation, management, tracking and control of all quality related information, documents, events, records, tasks and processes. Platina QMS software is user friendly and ensures regulatory compliance across your entire organisation, from research and development to drug manufacturing and distribution.

About 2014 BIA UK CEO and Investors Forum

BIA is one of the forerunners of UK bioscience, serving as a voice, connecting individuals and organisations, from innovative start-ups as well as small and medium size business, to multi-national companies, helping support the future of the Bioscience sector.

The BIA members are responsible for over 90% of biotech medicines currently in clinical development stages in the UK. BIA members have taken accredited to have pioneered the research for the first stem cell therapy clinical trials for stroke and the first drug to delay bone metastases in cancer.

The BIA encourages progress in UK bioscience on all levels. BIA’s goal is to deliver the best possible environment for growth and innovation.

The UK CEO and Investor Forum 2014 will be held July 10-11 at the Lingfiled Park, Surrey.
This year the agenda has been developed in partnership with an industry-leading events advisory group of bioscience CEOs and will address the most pertinent issues, challenges and opportunities for the Bioscience sector in 2014.

The two day event will include high-level networking, the exclusive residential event for senior management will start with an evening networking drinks and dinner discussion on the public markets. The following day interactive discussion sessions will cover the very latest updates on early access, adaptive licensing, plus an update on the 2015-2020 BIA Manifesto. Other sessions include what a bioscience CEO needs to know about market access today, for success tomorrow, a leadership session on driving greater collaboration and informative discussions on accessing funding.

Media Contact

Sophia Rosenlöf, Marketing Coordinator, Formpipe
Tel: +46 8 555 290 60


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