Formpipe Sign Agreement with Recipharm

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Formpipe Sign Agreement with Recipharm

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Supplier Press Release: Formpipe Sign Agreement with Recipharm
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MARCH 25, 2013

Formpipe Sign Agreement with Recipharm

Formpipe is delighted to announce that its EQMS (Electronic Quality Management System) has been licensed to Recipharm. The deal, worth 2.5 million SEK to Formpipe, will ensure Recipharm’s multiple quality compliance processes are streamlined.

Formpipe’s partner Sigma will lead the implementation of the order into four out 10 subsidiaries in the Recipharm Group. Speaking of the order, StaffanWidengren, General Manager of RecipharmSträngnäs, commented: “We believe that implementing Platina QMS by Formpipe will drive efficiency in our operations by simplifying the processes for documentation and case management, which will add value to our customers”.

The pharmaceutical industry is governed by strict compliance regulations and quality control. All aspects are monitored, from research and development to manufacturing and distribution of drugs. Production is closely monitored and inspected by national drug authorities to ensure that the industry’s rigorous quality standards and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are met. Formpipe ensures that the IT support systems it creates also need to adhere to high GMP standards and requirements.

“This order from Recipharm shows that our investment in the Life Science sector now is beginning to transform into tangible orders. After being present on the Life Science-market for some time this order and the experiences we have gained during this time significantly strengthens our belief that we have a competitive and user friendly offer to these companies”, explains Christian Sundin, CEO of Formpipe.

This is a translation of the original Swedish version. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the original Swedish version shall take precedence.

About Formpipe
Formpipe is a leading Information Technology organisation providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to companies operating within strict regulatory environments including pharmaceutical, medical device and other life science organisations.

Formpipe offers Platina QMS an Electronic Quality Management System (EQMS) used to maximise both control and efficiency. The flexible web-based software enables easy creation, management, tracking and control of all quality related information, documents, events, records, tasks and processes. Platina QMS software is user friendly and ensures regulatory compliance across your entire organisation, from research and development to drug manufacturing and distribution.

About Recipharm
Recipharm is one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisations (CDMO), employing around 1,700.

Recipharm’s Manufacturing Services supply several hundred different products in a variety of dosage forms including solid dose, semi solids, steriles (liquids and freeze dried), beta-lactams, hormones, dry powder metered dose inhalers, oral liquids and granulates, from our facilities across Europe.

For more information or to discuss Formpipe signing agreement with Recipharm please contact us directly.

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