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Formpipe Continues Collaboration with Kemwell

March 18th 2013

Formpipe’s agreement with Kemwell to licence supplementary modules to the ECM product Platina QMS continues.

The original agreement was signed in late 2010 and was valued at SEK 2 million for Formpipe, with Formpipe’s partner Sigma acting as the service provider.

Kemwell were already using Platina QMS, when it decided to enter into an agreement for extended functionality. The supplementary functionality comprises a number of modules (Pharma Templates for Platina QMS) designed to support quality management processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Speaking at the time, Christian Sundin, CEO of Formpipe Software commented: “With standardised modules for document processes and deviation management within the pharmaceutical sector, we are well placed to accommodate this segment with our ECM products. This constitutes another important stride towards increasing sales within one of our prioritised growth areas.”

The additional module, Pharma Templates, ensure the document management process complies with the requirements that apply to document management in the pharmaceutical industry, including the signature of data and documents pursuant to 21 CFR, Part 11. In addition, the Pharma Template can support a standardised process for case management – Deviation management, CAPA Management and Change Management.

About Formpipe
Formpipe is a leading Information Technology organisation providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to companies operating within strict regulatory environments including pharmaceutical, medical device and other life science organisations.

Formpipe offers Platina QMS an Electronic Quality Management System (EQMS) used to maximise both control and efficiency. The flexible web-based software enables easy creation, management, tracking and control of all quality related information, documents, events, records, tasks and processes. Platina QMS software is user friendly and ensures regulatory compliance across your entire organisation, from research and development to drug manufacturing and distribution.

About Kemwell Group
Kemwell Group is a leading contract producer of pharmaceuticals for global distribution. The company produces pharmaceuticals for customers including GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

For more information or to discuss the continued collaboration with Kemwell please contact us directly.

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