FlexyPAT – Process Automation Tool

FlexyPAT – Process Automation Tool


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PAT stands for both Process Automation Technology and Process Automation Tool. SYSTAG’s FlexyPAT is a modular system that performs both functions.

FlexyPAT technology enables laboratories to implement automated customer-specific reactor systems very cost effectively, integrating easily with existing devices to reduce cost, speed up the automation process and increase user acceptance.

Alternatively, FlexPAT can be used as a stand-alone tool; making automated lab reaction available as a product-based turnkey system. In this mode, FlexyPAT’s innovative easy management tools make it an ideal ‘on-demand’ solution for rotating contract laboratories – supporting ad-hoc client applications and laboratory need to maximise uptake of capacity.


FlexyPAT allows several reactors to be operated from a single PC, combined with a flexible connection (fConnect) concept that facilitates the integration of existing customer-owned hardware. Not only does this reduce cost but also speeds up the automation process and increases user acceptance. The fConnect interface also makes system extension simple and inexpensive, with user-friendly system configuration through integrated sensor identification.

The standard FlexyPAT unit handles all core laboratory functions, including:

  • Gravimetric or volumetric dosing
  • Temperature control of jacket and reactor
  • Stirrer control including speed and torque measurements
  • pH measurements
  • Manual and recipe controls
  • Data capture and automatic laboratory report


FlexyPAT thus supports a wide range of typical applications including scale-up/scale-down, process analysis, morphology and thermal-physical processes.

Units can be further adapted to specific roles with a range of optional features that include:

  • Automatic distillation with reflux splitter
  • Pressure and vacuum measurement and control
  • Hydrogenation capabilities
  • Isothermal heat flow calorimetry
  • Automatic distillation with boiling point detection and solvent exchange
  • Automatic establishing of solubility curves
  • Online sensor integration (turbidity measurement, midIR FTIR, particle size measuring instruments, etc.)
  • GLP and CFR21 part 11 installation and operational qualifications (IQ/OQ)

FlexyPAT – Process Automation Tool 196 x 283

FlexyPAT – Process Automation Tool


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