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    SYSTAG FlexyCLAVE automated hydrogenation solution

    products-servicesSYSTAG, System Technik AG
    August 5th 2020

    The new SYSTAG FlexyCLAVE provides a turnkey package enabling fully or semi-automated hydrogenation or other gas reactions. As such, it offers an ideal solution for laboratory or scale-up chemical process developments.

    FlexyCLAVE marries a complete hardware package for gas dosing and pressure control with SYSTAG’s proven and intuitive FlexySys recipe software that offers predefined steps and operating procedures to control the reactor and all peripherals and handle all journaling tasks.

    The whole package makes hydrogenations accurate, reproducible and safe and allows processes to be standardized to enable simpler up-scaling from laboratory to pilot plant and production scale.

    FlexyCLAVE features and functions

    FlexyCLAVE augments any pressure reactor hardware (pressure reactor with glass or SS316 vessel and gas dosing unit) with a SYSTAG control and automation system, based on its proven FlexySys laboratory reactor automation control software.

    The FlexyCLAVE hardware contains all essential hardware elements to extend any reactor with an automatic hydrogenation function including dosing unit, electronics, flow measuring, control and dosing valves. In addition to the actual hydrogenation, the reactor is automatically rendered inert by the integrated gas exchange function. The selectable number of rinse cycles allows effective and reliable inert/active gas exchange at selected stages of the experiment.

    The FlexySys software element is recipe-based for simple and intuitive operation, offering predefined operating procedures for simple and safe control of reaction temperature, pressure, end criteria and other variable parameters. The visual interface provides clear illustration of system status and safety parameters, allowing precise control of process. The display shows a comfortable online trend that can be exported to any other application.

    The FlexySys package also generates  automatic and continuous documentation to comply with EU Annex 11 or FDA 21 CFR Part 11 GMP guidelines, if required. All process parameters, operator manipulations and results are continuously and automatically recorded, ideal for process evaluation and fine tuning for safe scale-up.

    The FlexySys-Software will handle a very wide range of functions, including:

    • Hydrogenation with MFC
    • Pressure control or constant gas flow
    • Different end criteria
    • Temperature control
    • Reactor / Jacket / Ramping
    • Stirrer speed control
    • Liquid dosage Automatic leakage test
    • Recipe control
    • Visual process control
    • Pressure- / Vacuum control
    • Automatic inerting
    • Data reports
    • Offline-calculations

    FlexyCLAVE benefits

    Easy operation allows the user to carry out hydrogenations quickly and safely. Sophisticated alarm and supervisory functions, allows the system to be run unattended while the manual mode guarantees high flexibility, enabling intervention in process whenever requires.

    In summary, the FlexyCLAVE package is a true turn-key solution that offers a series of useful and valuable benefits:

    • Easy handling
    • Safe operation
    • High reproducibility
    • Increased productivity
    • Recipe control
    • Flexibility
    • Graphical data evaluation
    • Automatic protocol
    • Compact design and footprint

    FlexyCLAVE Technical data


    Click on SYSTAG Lab Reactor Solutions to download product sheet.
    Click on The Automated Hydrogenation Solution – FlexyCLAVE for more information.


    Automation for Lab Reactor, Scale-up, Calorimetry

    SYSTAG FlexyCLAVE automated hydrogenation solution

    SYSTAG FlexyCLAVE provides all the components and capabilities needed to enable fully automated hydrogenation or other gas reactions

    SYSTAG FlexyCLAVE automated hydrogenation solution

    FlexySys control software provides a full visual overview of reaction status at all times

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