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    Evercyte tumor cell-derived exosomes

    products-servicesEvercyte GmbH
    March 26th 2021

    Evercyte offers ethically approved tumor / tumor cell -derived exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs) secreted from specific human cells and tissue.

    These human-derived EVs are becoming increasingly important for researchers studying cellular communication and signaling pathways in the fight against cancer and other genetically linked diseases.

    Need for exosomes derived from tumor tissue

    The pharmaceutical and biotech industries have increasing need for particles in the forms of extracellular vesicles and exosomes that are secreted by specific cells and tissues of normal as well as tumor origin.

    These EVs are of ever-increasing importance as they give insight into cellular communication and signaling and are therefore very valuable in the development of new therapies.

    However, there are significant regulatory barriers in sourcing tissues that have been approved by ethical committees and come with prior informed consent for commercial or academic use.

    Precise isolation and characterization of exosomes from normal or tumor tissue are also development issues, along with assuring purity and stability of exosomes and enrichment to maximize exosome potency.  Overcoming these challenges requires specialized tools and technologies, along with deep experience in the work with primary cells (normal cells and cancer cell lines).

    Evercyte human and tumor tissue exosomes 

    Evercyte’s wide range of products and offers cover isolation of extracellular vesicles from human tissues as well as production of extracellular vesicles from human cells, either normal or tumor cells.

    These have been developed over more than a decade, based on detailed liaison with customers, suggestions from industry and academic institutions and research and development partnerships.

    Crucially, Evercyte has been able to secure access to human cells and tissues following ethical and legal requirements (approval by ethical committee and prior given informed consent). This access covers a range different human cell cultures, including primary cells, telomerized cells (hTERT immortalized cells) and tumor cells.

    Evercyte can call on a range of proven and well-established protocols for isolation of EVs from tissues, cells, and body fluids.

    It has the technologies for enrichment of EVs using tangential flow filtration, size exclusion, ultra-centrifugation and other tools, along with very detailed characterization of particles for potency (e.g. anti-inflammatory activity, anti-fibrotic activity, wound healing activity, neo-angiogenic activity) for size and number using nano particle tracking analysis as well as for analysis of proteins that are present on the surface (western blotting) and for exosome morphology using electron microscopy.

    Evercyte can also analyze exosome like vesicles (ELVs) for their microRNA (miRNA) cargoes.  ELVs imitate tumor cells in transferring exosomal miRNAs (ExomiRs) to the local milieu by becoming incorporated into endothelial cells where their miRNA-cargo is released to modulate  angiogenic programs, etc.

    Studies have identified functional roles for exomiRs in influencing many hallmarks of cancer, with the underlying mechanisms now becoming apparent, such as exomiR receptors. Significantly, exomiRs are highly suitable candidates for use as non-invasive biomarkers in personalized cancer therapies.


    Evercyte tumor cell-derived exosomes

    Electron microscope image of exosome

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