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    Evercyte contributing to reduced animal testing at key events

    news-releasesEvercyte GmbH
    November 30th 2023

    Vienna, Austria: – Innovative biotech manufacturer Evercyte will be a high-profile presence at two key upcoming events in the arena of reduced medical testing on animals, using both to highlight new methodologies in cell culture practice.

    Evercyte is an invited attendee at the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing European annual board meeting (CAAT-Europe 2023) on December 4. It will also be an invited scientific speaker over the following three days (Dec 5-7) at the Austrian 3Rdays conference dedicated to Replacement, Reduction and Refinement in animal testing. Both conferences are being held in the Austrian Alpine resort city of Innsbruck.

    Importance of GCCP

    The Evercyte presence at both events will be led by Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder Dr. Regina Grillari.

    At the A3Rdays conference, she will deliver a keynote address on ‘Good Cell Culture practice’ (December 6, 1100 hrs.), as part of the Day Two session on ‘Advancing Quality cell culture practices and new approach methodologies’.

    Dr. Regina Grillari will emphasize the importance of good cell culture practice (GCCP) methodologies in non-animal dependent research and the development of in vitro bioassay and drug screenings as alternatives to animal testing.

    She will show how rigorous adherence to GCCP minimizes contamination risks, preserves cell viability, and upholds the reproducibility of experimental results. The presentation will emphasize that consistent monitoring, proper handling, and regular authentication of cell lines are fundamental tenets in safeguarding the accuracy and credibility of research outcomes, empowering advancements in medicine and biotechnology.

    Human cell lines

    At both events, Evercyte will also highlight the animal testing reduction and replacement roles of its hTERT immortalized cell lines.

    Dr. Regina Grillari commented: “We will showcase the value of our extensive portfolio of continuously growing immortalized cells which have similar functions and characteristics of the corresponding primary cells. Additionally, Evercyte’s highly specialized human primary-like cells are a great resource for the development of relevant in vitro test systems that allow the standardization of pre-clinical models ”.

    About Evercyte GmbH

    Evercyte is the leading provider of immortalized human primary-like cells (‘telomerized cells’) as well as novel cell lines for production of extracellular vesicles and is the partner of choice for innovative cell-based assays in the field of pharma, biotech, or cosmetic industries.

    The core technology used for the establishment of these highly relevant human cell lines relies on the reactivation of the human telomerase enzyme. Besides customer-tailored cell line development as a one-stop shop, Evercyte is steadily expanding its catalogue of readily available cell lines for the production of extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stromal cells using different tissues including adipose tissue, bone marrow, placenta, amnion or dental pulp.

    By providing native extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stromal cells Evercyte will make a significant contribution to the development of new therapeutic approaches. Additionally, Evercyte will promote its platform technology for the generation of recombinant EVs e.g. tissue targeting and targeted drug delivery.

    Founded in 2011, the Vienna-based company successfully pioneered the development of tools and know-how necessary for the establishment of standardized high-throughput in vitro bioassays as well as relevant cell models and cell factories.

    Learn more at:

    About CAAT-Europe 2023

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT) was established in 1981 to develop non-animal methods for evaluating product safety and effectiveness. CAAT explores alternative approaches, including in vitro testing, to decrease reliance on whole animal testing.

    CAAT-Europe, situated at the University of Konstanz, oversees transatlantic endeavors to advance education in humane science. Its goals include establishing a competence base of European experts available for project work and participating in the Transatlantic Think Tank for Toxicology (t4) devoted to enabling a paradigm shift in toxicology.

    The 2023 CAAT-Europe Board Meeting will take place on December 4 at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria.

    The meeting is organized by CAAT-Europe with further information at:

    About A3RDays 2023

    The Austrian RepRefRed Society for the Promotion of Alternative Biomodels was founded in 2016 by researchers from the three Austrian Medical Universities with the aim of promoting the implementation of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) of animal experiments according to the principles espoused by Russell and Burch in 1959.

    The association focuses on the active exchange of information among researchers across Europe through topical meetings and events, including its annual conference.

    The Austrian 3Rdays 2023 conference is a three-day event opening December 5 at the Congress Innsbruck conference center, themed A3RC InN Motion to reflect progress in all three dynamics of Refinement, Reduction, and Replacement.

    The meeting is organised by the Austrian 3R Society with further information at:


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    Evercyte contributing to reduced animal testing at key events
    Evercyte contributing to reduced animal testing at key events
    Evercyte contributing to reduced animal testing at key events
    Evercyte contributing to reduced animal testing at key events

    Dr. Regina Grillari, CSO, Evercyte GmbH.

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