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    Evercyte to present EV cell factory advances to Bioproduction Congress, Lyon

    news-releasesEvercyte GmbH
    September 6th 2022

    Vienna, Austria: – Innovative biotech manufacturer Evercyte will contribute important scientific presentations to the upcoming 7th Bioproduction Congress, September 29-30, in the French city of Lyon.

    On the morning of Day Two of the congress, Evercyte co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Regina Grillari will participate in the session on ‘Stability studies of cell lines to speed up first in human trials: new technologies & approaches’ (0900-1020 hrs.)

    Her presentation on ‘Human mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) for production of extracellular vesicles’ will explore Evercyte’s work in establishing human mesenchymal stromal-based cell lines for the standardized production of EVs for pre/clinical and clinical applications.

    Extracellular vesicles-based therapies

    Evercyte will present recently developed EV cell factories, established from MSCs from different standardized human tissues and organs including adipose tissue (ASC/TERT300), bone marrow (BM-MSC/TERT292), placenta (CP-MSC/TERT308), and placental (P-MSC/TERT308) and reflected (RA-MSC/TERT308) amniotic membrane.

    Evercyte will also be an active participant in the congress’s B2B partnering platform, reaching out to potential collaboration partners in manufacturing, pharma development and EV therapeutic development, particularly those looking to advance development of EV and exosome-based therapies for the treatment of various ailments, such as inflammatory diseases.

    About Evercyte GmbH

    Evercyte is the leading provider of immortalized human primary-like cells (‘telomerized cells’) as well as novel production cell lines for extracellular vesicles and is the partner of choice for innovative cell-based assays in the field of pharma, biotech, or cosmetic industries.

    The core technology used for the establishment of these highly relevant human cell lines relies on the reactivation of the human telomerase enzyme. Besides customer-tailored cell line development as a one-stop shop, Evercyte is steadily expanding its catalog of readily available cell lines for the production of extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stem cells using different tissues including adipose tissue, bone marrow, placenta, amnion or dental pulp.

    By providing native extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stem cells and targeting extracellular vesicles Evercyte will make a significant contribution to the development of new therapeutic approaches. Additionally, Evercyte will promote its platform technology for the generation of recombinant EVs for e.g. tissue targeting and drug targeting.

    Founded in 2011, the Vienna-based company successfully pioneered the development of tools and know-how necessary for the establishment of standardized high-throughput in-vitro bioassays as well as relevant cell models and cell factories.

    Learn more at:

    About Bioproduction Congress 2022

    The Bioproduction Congress is an annual event for the biopharmaceutical production sector providing a forum for European stakeholders to showcase innovations and exchange knowledge in bioprocessing.

    The congress brings together experts from all levels of the pharma and biotech industries as well as leading bioproduction professionals to accelerate therapeutics drugs such as mAbs, vaccines, cell therapy and novel products into commercial manufacturing.

    Scientific conference sessions promote exchanges on the future of biomanufacturing and address current challenges, while the co-located exhibition showcases latest solutions.

    The 7th Bioproduction Congress is a two-day event opening September 29 at the L’Espace Tete d’Or Congress Centre in the French city of Lyon, as part of European Biotech Week, running from September 26 to October 2.

    Bioproduction Congress 2022 is themed ‘CMS Readiness to accelerate Biotherapeutics for Patients’ and will include a Breakthrough Innovation Session, parallel workshops and B2B networking sessions.

    The event is organised by mabdesign with further information at:


    Click on Evercyte EV cell factories for further information.

    Evercyte to present EV cell factory advances to Bioproduction Congress, Lyon
    Evercyte to present EV cell factory advances to Bioproduction Congress, Lyon

    Dr. Regina Grillari, co-founder and COO/CSO, Evercyte GmbH.

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