Evercyte showing expanded biotech cell offers at BIO International

Evercyte showing expanded biotech cell offers at BIO International

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Press Release | Evercyte GmbH

JUNE 01, 2018

Vienna, Austria: – Innovative biotech manufacturer Evercyte is returning to the high prestige BIO International Convention, celebrating its 25th Anniversary in Boston.

At BIO International 2018, Evercyte will be featuring a range of new offers and recently introduced services based on its expertise in human telomerase immortalized cells and its abilities to produce high quality cells that comply with Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP) standards.

Non-invasive iPSC generation

Evercyte will focus on its preclinical testing assets and its expended range of services that now include assay development, cell line development and non-invasive generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from human urine.

It will also feature its telomerized cell lines and VEGF growth supplements.

International partnering

“BIO International offers unparalleled opportunities to network with potential customers and collaborators and form new partnerships,” commented Evercyte CEO Otto Kanzler.

Along with potential customers in pharma & biotech industry and research companies, Otto Kanzler will also represent our strategic partners TAmiRNA GmbH, Phoenestra GmbH, Remute Bio GmbH, RiboCure and P4T.

About Evercyte

Evercyte GmbH, based in Vienna, manufactures a range of innovative cell-based products; telomerase (hTERT) immortalized or life span extended cells and differentiated cells from immortalized or normal stem cells.

Recently, Evercyte has become a key player in the development of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from human urine as a non-invasive source for generating cell material. The company also offers a range of cell-based assays, used in development of drug screening strategies and other applications. It also develops assays to individual specification to help customers reduce their time and spend on drug discovery and development.

Evercyte’s Pharmacocellomics™ is also improving the predictability of substance efficiencies and side effects in the general population by systematically establishing and commercializing relevant cell type specific model systems from donors of different genetic backgrounds.

About BIO International 2018

The 25th Anniversary BIO International Convention (BIO) provides a week of intensive networking for biotechnology and pharma leaders to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. It attracts more than 16,000 delegates involved in a wide spectrum of life science and application areas including drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy.

BIO International 2018 returns to Boston MA as a four -day event opening June 4 at the waterfront Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). The convention will feature more than 35,000 face-to-face meetings for some 3,100 companies organised using the proprietary BIO One-on-One partnering™ system, as well as hundreds of individual company presentations, a program of world-renowned keynote speakers and some 20 Session Tracks.

A co-located trade show will feature more than 1,800 exhibitors from fields ranging from digital health and diagnostics to bioprocesses.

The event is organized by the Washington DC-based Biotechnology Innovation Organization with more information at: http://convention.bio.org/.

Media Contacts

Irene Redlinghofer, Business Development and Project Management, Evercyte GmbH
Tel: +43 699 107 09 401
Email: office@evercyte.com


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Otto Kanzler, Chief Executive Officer, Evercyte GmbH

Otto Kanzler, Chief Executive Officer, Evercyte GmbH

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Supplier: Evercyte GmbH
Address: Muthgasse 18, 1190 Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43 699 10 709 401
Website: http://www.evercyte.com

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