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    Evercyte Relevant cellular assays for standardized cell culture work

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    August 26th 2021

    Evercyte has developed a panel of hTERT expressing telomerized human cells for the establishment of relevant and standardizable in vitro cell-based assays that can be used in drug screening and development, potency bioassays, basic research and other applications.

    Telomerized cells also qualify for standardized production of complex molecules and extracellular vesicles or exosomes.

    Evercyte offers not only relevant human cell lines catalogued by tissue and body fluid type (including adipose tissue, bone marrow, colon, cornea, endometrium, kidney, lung, mammary gland, etc.) but also services to test customer-derived compounds.

    Stem cell reprogramming

    These services include cell line development to extend life span or reprogram cells into iPSCs, substance testing for cytotoxicity, potency, senolytic or senomorphic activity to assess the influence of substance on cellular senescence , EV enrichment and potency testing, gene editing studies for specific knock-ins or knock-outs or to establish reporter cell lines.

    Evercyte testing and screening for potential senolytic or senomorphic drugs feature a range of in vitro cell assay read-outs, from viability, through alterations of the cellular senescence associated secretory phenotype (secretion of SASP factors) to DNA damage and senescence associated ß galactosidase staining.

    Extracellular vesicles (EVs) and exosomes produced from Evercyte’s Wharton´s Jelly derived mesenchymal stem cells show anti-inflammatory, neo-angiogenic, wound-healing and anti-fibrotic activities and are highly applicable for therapeutic areas from osteoarthritis and GVHD to neurological and kidney diseases.

    Supporting cell therapies

    Rather than developing cell therapies directly, Evercyte’s focus is on developing the EVs that are tailored to specific therapeutic applications, including innovative therapies, clinical applications, and clinical studies.

    Evercyte cell-based assays can be used to identify novel host cell line and to develop relevant human cell lines for applications such as EV production, development of recombinant proteins and vaccines.

    Evercyte is also a producer of extracellular vesicles         in its own right, offering EVs and exosomes as off -the-shelf products, along with cell factories for EV production and development of novel host cell lines from customer-derived cells.

    Human IPSCs

    A further Evercyte specialty is the establishment of patient-specific human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and cell lines based on cells derived from human urine. These are particularly valuable in creating kidney disease models involving isolation of podocytes or renal proximal tubular epithelial cells from urine of patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases.


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    Evercyte Relevant cellular assays for standardized cell culture work

    Evercyte: harnessing the power of human relevant and standardized cells for biotechnology and biomedicine.

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