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    Evercyte off-the-shelf extracellular vesicles (EVs)

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    September 11th 2020

    Evercyte now offers standardized off-the-shelf research grade Extracellular vesicles (EVs) derived from human stem cells that can be used for pre-clinical testing programs.

    Extracellular vesicles are released by cells and play an important role in cellular communication due to their capacity to transport proteins, lipids as well as nucleic acids. As such, they are gaining ever increasing importance in the fields of regenerative and transplant medicine, anti-tumor therapy as well as immunotherapy.

    Standardized EVs from telomerized human cells

    Evercyte EV sources are human cells from different tissues (e.g. umbilical cord, bone marrow, endometrium) with cellular life span elongated by reactivation of human telomerase and cells characterized for expression of cell type specific markers and functions as well as freedom from contaminations (bacterial, fungi, human pathogenic viruses, cross-contaminations) and STR profiled for authenticity.

    Currently EVs (Catalog EV-059-0273) from telomerized Wharton ́s Jelly derived mesenchymal stem cells grown in a hollow fiber bioreactor are readily available, enriched from cell culture supernatants using tangential flow filtration (TFF). All production and purification processes are carried out in a sterile environment. EVs from other cell cultures are produced upon customer request.

    Particles have an average size of 100 – 200 nm (NTA measurement) and show typical EV morphology with lipid double layer membrane (cryoTEM) and the presence of syntenin and CD81, absence of calnexin (western blot). Additionally, EVs show anti-inflammatory, neo-angiogenic and fibroblast growth promoting properties as demonstrated using in vitro bioassays. 1 x 109 particles correspond to 400 μg protein (BCA assay).

    Application of Extracellular Vesicles

    EVs secreted from human stem cells have been reported to be equally effective as the transplanted cells in various disease models. Moreover, EVs can also be used for drug delivery.

    Evercyte mesenchymal stem cell lines from umbilical cord, bone marrow, endometrium or adipose tissue can be used for production of extracellular vesicles for R&D. After transfer to GMP environment, the cells can also be used for production of clinical grade extracellular vesicles as these cell lines have been established under xeno-free conditions, non-virally and full documentation of any manipulation step

    This is an important product for academic institutions, pharma companies and start-ups using exosomes in regenerative and transplant medicine, anti-tumor therapy as well as immunotherapy. Specifically, EVs secreted from human stem cells have been reported to be equally effective as the transplanted cells in various disease models.

    Benefits of Evercyte standardized EVs

    Using Evercyte standardized human mesenchymal stem cells as factories for production of extracellular vesicles delivers specific benefits in that the EVs, when produced under GMP conditions also qualify for clinical application as production cell lines have been established following current standards for production cell line establishment for regulatory acceptance.

    Other specific benefits include:

    • Off-the-shelf product, ready to order for pre-clinical research
    • EVs pre-characterized for size and number confirmed by nano particle tracking analysis (NTA)
    • Morphology confirmed by electron microscopy (ELMI)
    • Presence of typical EV markers as demonstrated by western blotting
    • In vitro bioactivity: anti-inflammatory activity (reduction of NO production by macrophage cells as marker for inflammation)
    • Neo-angiogenic activity (induction of sprout formation from 3D endothelial spheroids)
    • Fibroblast promoting activity (in vitro wound healing / scratch assay)
    • Production cell lines isolated from human derived tissues with ethical approval by the responsible IRB and with prior given written informed consent.
    • Cell lines established using xeno-free culture media and reagents, non-viral gene transfer methods and full documentation of all manipulation steps

    Product variations

    Evercyte offers the following telomerized cells and extracellular vesicle products:


    Click on Evercyte EV-059-0273 to download product data sheet.

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