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    Evercyte Immortalized Human Somatic Cells

    products-servicesEvercyte GmbH
    November 4th 2020

    Highly differentiated human cells are of ever increasing importance for use as in vitro test systems in various fields of biomedicine, toxicology and biotechnology. Although normal somatic cells maintain a phenotype similar to the corresponding cells in vivo, they have only  finite life spans, which limits their applications and usefulness in cell culture development.

    Tumor cells, on the other hand, can be grown without limitation but have lost essential characteristics.

    Specific marker expression

    In order to circumvent these limitations in cell line development, Evercyte offers hTERT immortalized human somatic cell lines that are characterized by expression of cell-type specific markers and functions. Therefore, Evercyte cell lines are balanced in growth and differentiation.

    Besides sole expression of the catalytic subunit of human telomerase (hTERT), Evercyte has also developed protocols for combined introduction of hTERT and viral oncogenes or essential cell cycle regulators for life span extension while avoiding tumorigenic transformation of the cells.

    Derivatives of Evercyte immortalized cells, in such forms as cell pellets, cDNA, RNA, and extracellular vesicles, are available upon request. Evercyte provides cell lines derived from a range of relevant tissues and organs, including colon, cornea, kidney/urine , lung , mammary gland , muscle, skin, thymus, and vascular system.

    Specific Evercyte immortalized cell line product offerings include:

    • BM-MSC/TERT292 -hTERT immortalized human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell line with a differentiation potential similar to the corresponding normal cells.
    • WJ-MSC/TERT273 – hTERT immortalized human Wharton´s Jelly derived MSC line represents a new production system for extracellular vesicles.


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