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Evercyte brings innovative hTERT immortalized human podocyte cell line to Eurotox 2017

news-releasesEvercyte GmbH
August 29th 2017

Vienna, Austria: – Innovative biotech manufacturer Evercyte will highlight new applications of hTERT immortalized human cell lines to toxicity testing when it attends the EUROTOX 2017 toxicology conference in Bratislava next month.

Evercyte will show the advantages of hTERT immortalized cell lines in providing more human-relevant and standardizable in vitro model systems and easier to handle cell cultures, compared with primary cell lines.

Evercyte’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Regina Grillari, will address the congress on the morning of the first day, Sunday, September 10, to open the second Continuing Educational Course (CEC 2) on “Development of human immortalized and induced pluripotent stem cells for in vitro disease modeling and toxicity testing”.

Superior GCCP standards

Regina Grillari’s presentation “Immortalization of Human Cells” will highlight the importance of human hTERT immortalized cells in allowing the generation of human relevant and standardized in vitro models and how they support development of good cell culture practice (GCCP) standards.

Evercyte’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Johannes Grillari, will also attend the congress to present a poster on “Long-term exposure of immortalized keratinocytes to arsenic induces EMT, impairs differentiation in organotypic skin models and mimics aspects of human skin derangements.”

PODO/TERT256 human podocyte cells

“We look forward to this valuable opportunity to present data on our novel PODO/TERT256 human podocyte cell line that is immortalized by reactivation of telomerase alone,” said Regina Grillari.

“These PODO/TERT256 cells maintain primary podocyte characteristics to provide in vitro models for glomerular filtration, kidney toxicity and biology,” she explained.

“Moreover, we will be able to show that hTERT immortalized human keratinocytes provided a good model system for studying arsenic induced human skin derangements, a highly relevant topic for this audience of toxicologists,” Regina Grillari added.

Evercyte will also circulate a special Eurotox 2017 newsletter, along with eye-catching leaflets on hTERT immortalized cells and the innovative PODO/TERT256 podocytes at the congress, where it will offer a limited-time 20% discount on all orders received during the meeting.

About Evercyte

Evercyte GmbH, based in Vienna, manufactures a range of innovative cell-based products; including primary/normal cells; telomerase (hTERT) immortalized or life span extended cells and differentiated cells from immortalized or normal stem cells.

Recently, Evercyte has become a key player in the development of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from human urine as a non-invasive source for generating cell material. The company also offers a range of cell-based assays, used in development of drug screening strategies and other applications. It also develops assays to individual specification to help customers reduce their time and spend on drug discovery and development.

Evercyte’s Pharmacocellomics™ is also improving the predictability of substance efficiencies and side effects in the general population by systematically establishing and commercializing relevant cell type specific model systems from donors of different genetic backgrounds.

About Eurotox 2017

The 53rd Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology, Eurotox 2017, being held in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, will bring together some 1,200 participants and more than 40 exhibitors from the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological industry for Europe’s biggest toxicology meeting.

EUROTOX 2017 is a four-day event, opening September 10 at the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava. The scientific programme comprises five Continuing Education Courses, 32 scientific sessions and a series of Keynote Lectures from distinguished scientists.

The event is organized by Guarant International for the European Societies of Toxicology, with more information available at:

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