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    Evercyte assay-ready replicative senescent cells

    products-servicesEvercyte GmbH
    October 27th 2022

    Evercyte has added assay-ready replicative senescent cells based on human dermal and lung fibroblasts to its range of highly differentiated human cells that can be used as in vitro test systems in various fields of biomedicine, toxicology and biotechnology.

    This development makes Evercyte unique in offering replicative senescent cells in an assay ready format that differs from conventional stress-induced premature senescent cells. These offering will particularly benefit biotech and pharma organisations and academic researchers searching for senolytic / senomorphic compounds that can be used to increase insights the mechanisms underlying certain age-associated diseases.

    Replicative senescent cell applications

    Human cells can only be propagated in vitro for a defined number of population doublings before entering an irreversible growth arrest also termed replicative senescence. These cells are a valuable model system to study aging and age associated pathologies.

    Evercyte has established normal human fibroblast cell cultures and has grown these cells until they have reached replicative senescent in vitro. These growth arrested cells are frozen in standardized formats and can be seeded into plates for testing e.g. the activity of senolytic drugs.

    Evercyte´s senolytic efficacy and toxicity assays are based on human cells from different tissues and organs (e.g. skin fibroblasts, lung fibroblasts, umbilical vein endothelial cells, microvascular endothelial cells, renal proximal tubular epithelial cells, and mesenchymal stem cells). As well as  growing cells until they enter replicative senescence, Evercyte has established a series of tests for monitoring the cellular phenotype such as monitoring the cell morphology, testing for SA-ß-galactosidase activity, analysis of expression of typical senescence markers (e.g. p16, p21), analysis of changes in the senescence associated secretory phenotype (SASP) by measuring secretion of e.g. IL-6, IL-8, MCP-1 in cell culture supernatants or miRNA profiling.

    Evercyte can also provide a service by generating replicative senescent cells based on the customer needs e.g. specific customer-derived cells. These cells can also be used to perform senolytic or senomorphic drug screenings of compounds of interest.

    Additionally, assay ready senescent cells can be used for basic life science research.

    Replicative senescent cell advantages

    Evercyte’s actively growing and replicative senescent cells are based on human normal dermal and lung fibroblasts, with further specific replicative senescent cells that can be generated upon customer request.

    These are offered as standardized cell cultures, that are assay ready, with no further in vitro propagation necessary.

    They can be used for drug screening in conjunction with ready-to-use and standardized in vitro models to provide systems to study age-associated diseases or to screen for senolytic/ senomorphic drugs.

    Excellent data quality is assured as customer derived samples are handled by experienced cell biologists.

    Replicative senescent cell development is based on Evercyte’s more than 25 years of research experience with relevant and standardizable in vitro model systems in the realm of stress-induced or replicative cellular senescence, with more than 130 peer-reviewed articles to the company’s name.


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    Evercyte assay-ready replicative senescent cells

    Evercyte replicative senescent human dermal fibroblasts

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