European and U.K Qualified Person Training

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October 20th 2011

Founded in 1986, NSF-DBA offers European and U.K Qualified Person Training and has since its formulation become one Europe’s leading institutions for technical and GMP/quality consultancy, education and training the pharmaceuticals, dietary and supplements industries. NSF-DBA provides services that are valued worldwide from large international companies to small start-up ventures that require a boost to their business and increased access to new markets through development and education of staff, application of quality management systems, enhanced regulatory and GMP compliance through its European and U.K Qualified Person Training courses.

Qualified Person Training or (QP) training courses, managed by NSF-DBA, command a high level of respect across the industry. Qualified Person Training, established in 1990, is acknowledged worldwide in countries such as Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Malta and the Netherlands. European and U.K Qualified Person training offers direct, pragmatic tuition and have the depth required in order to fully equip the student for future challenges.