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    Erdmann Design brings Human Centered Design insights to IBM workshop

    news-releasesErdmann Solutions AG
    August 20th 2020

    Brugg, Switzerland:- Award-winning design and engineering agency Erdmann Design will bring a team of its sponsored Human Centered Design (HCD) Masters students to next month’s ‘Inventing What’s Next’ digital tech workshop at the IBM Research campus in Zurich.

    Erdmann Design founder and CEO Raimund Erdmann will present a lecture on Future Technology Trends in Pharma & MedTech to the workshop, organized by University of Bern, and will also help to moderate the one-day event on September 4.

    Health applications

    The Masters students sponsored by Erdmann will contribute observations from their real life studies of human centered design applications while the whole session will increase their knowledge of latest technologies and trends in life sciences.

    This will be the latest in an annual cycle of visits for the Erdmann students to at least four MedTech locations including hospitals and research centers providing exposure to real-world applications of design theory.

    Watson Health Project

    This year’s Digital Needs workshop will feature a contribution from a team from Johnson & Johnson who have been collaborating with IBM as part of the Watson Health Project (named after IBM’s founder Thomas Watson) that aims to develop smarter healthcare technology to support medical and therapeutic needs. The J&J team will share insights on HCD results and metrics in the field of medicine.

    “This annual event organised by University Bern BFH provides Erdmann and our supported student s with a very valuable opportunity to share knowledge, to collaborate and learn from each other’s practical experiences,” commented Raimund Erdmann.

    Trend scouting

    “We are a learning organisation and events like this play a large part in our programs of trend scouting, knowledge sharing and team building in Switzerland,” Mr. Erdmann added.

    Reflecting the COVID-19 pandemic, attendance at this year’s workshop will be limited to just 20 students with social distancing guidelines and mandatory facemasks.

    About Erdmann Design

    Erdmann Design AG (Erdmann) offers award-winning human-centered Design and Engineering services that are particularly applicable to Life Sciences and Med Tech applications. including devices, control systems, delivery, production systems and packaging solutions. .

    The Erdmann Design Approach are built around Innovation, Human Centric Design underpinned by usability engineering and testing and Branding Expertise, bringing tightly knit and dynamic design teams to focus on innovation and real customer needs, with particular expertise in high-risk in technologies in Medical and Pharmaceutical Procedures.

    Erdmann Design was founded in Brugg, in the Swiss canton of Argau, close to Zurich, in 1978 by industrial designer Raimund Erdmann, who still leads the company.  Since then, it has won more than 50 outstanding awards for its work with companies worldwide.

    Further information at:


    Click on IBM Research Zurich for detail of campus.
    Click on IBM Watson Health for detail of program.


    Human Centered Design is the moment when it happens, when the product concept is designed and tested in fast iterations until all aspects are validated, including user experience, market needs, regulations, business and technology


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