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    Erdmann Design applies human centered experience design to dental care

    products-servicesErdmann Solutions AG
    December 22nd 2021

    Erdmann Design AG applies Human Centered Design (HCD) methodology to produce award-winning solutions in the field of dental health care. These include designs for surgical equipment, preoperative planning, electronic toothbrushes and interdental brush care sets.

    The dental market is highly competitive and is dominated by large global players. Only those companies that can deliver robust benefits to satisfy real world wishes on hygiene, health and aesthetics can be successful. To survive in the dental sector internationally as a niche brand requires clever products, good service, distinctive design, targeted communication and refined branding experiences.

    Dental Service Design for Curaden

    Erdmann has a long standing partnership with Swiss-based Curaden Group, applying its expertise as creative partners and ergonomics experts to develop innovative solutions for dental care prophylaxis and dental restoration for the international dental market.

    Erdmann’s monthly design workshops focus on solving the company‘s innovation challenges to deliver product-based answers to emerging dental health care needs. Since 2005, projects for Curaden and Curaprox have included strategic brand positioning, international event planning, trade fair presentations, value finding seminars, web design, industrial design and brand design.

    Human centered design principles

    Erdmann’s human centered design (HCD) methodology combines the pragmatism of the industrial design process with a human centered approach emphasizing experience design and the real needs of end-users, both professionals and patients.

    It requires a methodical process that includes research with specialists, identifying the Big Idea, applying that idea to product development, delivering an innovative solution and connecting the solution with actual testing results on human experience.

    From these desired end-points, the Erdmann industrial and product design excellence created a framework within which every aspect of the dental product design can be optimized for market communication and success stories.

    Branding and ergonomics

    Curaden’s product range for its dental care brand Curaprox ranges from simple toothbrushes through high-performance electric ultrasound toothbrushes to complete care sets for different target groups.

    Delivering enhanced brand value depends on identifying end-user needs, both for the aesthetic value of healthy teeth and the health benefits of meticulous oral hygiene. This also requires recognizing that customers’ wishes are varied, with a range of individual motivations and priorities shaping different aspects of the design in the global market requirements.

    Circular economy requirements for the suitability for use of dental health products need to meet the highly varied demands of the user groups. Children, elderly people, men, women, families and people with disabilities have different and, to some extent, also special design requirements.

    From the visual branding aspect, the corporate Curaprox blue color ensures instant recognition, along with the simple and clear typography and sustainable packaging that can readily be optimized for local markets.

    Form needs to be optimised to function and ergonomic ease of use, with examples including the distinctive drop-shaped brush head design of the Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro electric toothbrush that allows it to reach difficult places in the mouth and the distinctive ergonomic form of SPS Prime interdental brushes. These were among the features that have secured successive design award nominations for Erdmann and Curaprox.


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    Click on Experience Mapping for Human Centered Design to download PDF.


    Erdmann design human-centered, sustainable solutions. With a heart for innovation, we help organizations create experiences that amplify human values every step of the way - from concept to final production

    Erdmann Design applies human centered experience design to dental care

    Erdmann shaped the distinctive innovation of the Curaprox interdental brush.

    Erdmann Design applies human centered experience design to dental care

    Award winning Erdmann Design solution for Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro features drop shaped head and angled neck allowing superior reach into mouth. 

    Erdmann Design applies human centered experience design to dental care

    The Erdmann industrial design process identifies the Big Idea at an early stage and refines that for effective delivery.

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