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    Envochem® wastewater treatment solutions

    products-servicesEnviroChemie GmbH
    September 9th 2014

    Envochem® is Envirochemie’s proprietary system for providing tailored solutions for detoxifying waste water by removing organic and inorganic components.

    Compact and modular Envochem® plants are based on highly efficient physico-chemical treatment of process water and wastewater.


    Envochem® plants remove inorganic and organic components and toxic substances from wastewater using physico-chemical processes that are well proven and widely trusted in the chemical, pharmaceutical and metal-working industries, as well as in mining and the solar industry, for wastewater processing, process water treatment, as well as in water circulation systems.

    EnviroChemie has been using tailor-made Envochem® systems to produce high-quality solutions for chemical-physical wastewater treatment since 1976.

    Envochem’s largely standardized plant technology ensures that the customer benefits from both consistently high quality and rapid project implementation.


    Envochem® solutions use proven plant engineering and high quality components extensively developed and tested for physico-chemical water and wastewater treatment.

    Production of plant components and modules takes place in Envirochemie’s German and Swiss companies or through their partners.
    Envirochemie’s design, manufacturing and operation of cleaning plants have been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards since 1999.

    Envochem® plants are standardized into two series:

    • Envochem® DOX is used for batch plants, configured to handle up to up to 100,000 liters per day (100 m3/d)
    • Envochem® COL is preferred for continuous treatment plants, providing continuous wastewater treatment capacity of up to 400 m3 per hour


    Envochem plants are used in surface technology, the glass, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in industrial washing processes, automotive or solar technology.

    Typical applications for customized Envochem plants include:

    • Removal of heavy metals or metals
    • Detoxification or emulsion splitting of process water

    Envochem plants use a combination of processes for these applications that include precipitation/flocculation/sedimentation, neutralization, activated charcoal adsorption, and oxidation with UV or ozone.


    • Envochem solutions are based on exclusive Envirochemie high quality modules to deliver reliable water technology tailor-made to meet challenging demands and an impressive range of customer benefits:
    • Customized plants specifically tailored to individual customer requirements
    • Reliable removal of traces of substances and waste water inactivation
    • Maximized water recycling
    • Zero liquid discharge to environment
    • Drastically reduced water footprint
    • Single contact co-ordination from laboratory trials through to engineering and plant construction
    • Expertise from engineers with lifetime experience in plant engineering and construction for the pharmaceutical industry
    • Customer-focused consultation, planning, build, and maintenance processes
    • Envirochemie can significantly simplify the maintenance and optimization of Envochem® solutions for customers, by connecting the plants to its centrally monitored maintenance system


    Determine your plant's CO₂ emissions and discover which processes significantly impact your carbon footprint, as well as optimising your processes to reduce CO₂ emissions


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