EnviroChemie Wins Contract from Leading Vaccine Producer

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EnviroChemie Wins Contract from Leading Vaccine Producer

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Supplier Press Release: EnviroChemie Wins Contract from Leading Vaccine Producer
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22 AUGUST 2012

EnviroChemie Wins Contract from Leading Vaccine Producer

The leading European constructor of plants for wastewater treatment has won a contract for the planning, construction and commissioning of two wastewater processing plants for the production wastewater from a world-leading Benelux pharmaceutical company. EnviroChemie will ensure the wastewater from the vaccine production will be safely deactivated and processed before being released into the sewer system.

The bio-hazardous waste material created as a result of vaccine production has to be safely decontaminated. EnviroChemie ensures the wastewater is deactivated and detoxified before it is fed back indirectly into the system.

Two separate flows of wastewater require treatment. One flow of production wastewater is processed continuously by a thermal deactivation processing plant from the DTS Sterifix series to reach the required discharge levels.

A second flow of wastewater, smaller in volume, is processed thermally in a DTS Sterifix series batch processing plant to deactivate it and then passes through a chemical-physical Envochem® cleansing stage. In the chemical-physical cleansing stage toxic barium is removed from the wastewater.

Due to the substantial years of experience held by EnviroChemie engineers for both processes of thermal deactivation and detoxification led the customer to award EnviroChemie the contract.

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