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    EnviroChemie Process Water Treatment Solutions

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    July 16th 2020

    Water treatment expert EnviroChemie develops, builds, and installs treatment plants for process water used for a wide variety of purposes in industrial and pharmaceutical production.

    These process water treatment systems are tailored to specific task and application and are designed and engineered to be economical and environmentally friendly. Typical plant solutions are used for water treatment, wastewater pre-treatment, water recycling, or for resource recycling.

    Process water challenges

    The principal challenge in pre-treatment of process water is to ensure that sufficient amounts are available in the quantities, pressure and quality required for production across all operations. Process water systems also re-treat water after it has been used, so that it can either be discharged according to regulations or returned to the water cycle, cleaned and detoxified to be discharged into the drains or into a river.

    These challenges are particularly demanding in the pharmaceutical industry where presence of traces of active pharmaceutical ingredients and antibiotics in process water and wastewater, typically at levels in the nanograms to low micrograms per litre range, resist the capabilities of conventional filtration and coagulation treatment technologies, leading to potential build ups in prevalence across a wide range of water sources.

    To remove problematic substances from pharmaceutical process water may demand state-of-the- physico-chemical, biological, or membrane technologies, possibly used in combination.

    EnviroChemie pharmaceutical process water solutions and services

    EnviroChemie’s process water solutions are part of an overall portfolio of industrial water treatment systems to meet all requirements, including fresh water treatment, cooling water treatment, wastewater treatment, water recycling and resource recycling.

    The EnviroChemie product portfolio for the treatment of process water within industry ranges from standardised small plants up to customised large scale plants. These solutions use a range of advanced technologies that include Biomar® biological and Envochem® physico-chemical processes, ion exchangers, Flomar® dissolved-air flotation and, Envopur® membrane separation plants for the water and resource recycling.

    Envochem® chemico-physical water treatments include AOP advanced oxidation process plants widely used in the pharmaceutical sector for their enhanced abilities to remove organic and some inorganic materials from water and wastewater, able to reduce contaminants from several hundred parts per million (ppm) to less than five parts per billion (ppb), producing water which is practically pure. AOP is particularly useful for scrubbing non-degradable toxins such as volatile organic compounds or aromatics from wastewater and can also be used in tertiary treatment of previously filtered process water to reduce chemical contamination to the point where it can be safely reintroduced into the environment.

    Systems approach to process water treatment

    EnviroChemie process water treatment systems can incorporate a range of processes, separately or in combination. These can include precipitation, flocculation, sedimentation, activated charcoal adsorption and neutralization or oxidation using ozonation, hydrogen peroxide/UV, photocatalytic and other advanced oxidation water treatment processes.

    Modular design allows these technologies to be used in combination where necessary.

    EnviroChemie provides a holistic process water solutions that extend beyond plant construction to installation and commissioning, provision of correct consumables and outsourced operation by customer service team and trained application engineers.

    The effectiveness and efficiency of these process water systems are now leveraged by the WaterExpert PC and mobile application designed to provide water treatment plant operators with an easy-to-access overview of plant status and quick access to important data for easier, maintenance and plant management with remote access to sub-systems if required.


    Click on EnviroChemie water treatment plants for information about all process water treatment solutions.
    Click on Physico-chemical Processes to view video on advanced oxidization processes.


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    EnviroChemie Process Water Treatment Solutions

    EnviroChemie Advanced Oxidisation Process physico-chemical treatment plants are particularly effective in removing trace API and antibiotic elements from pharmaceutic process water

    EnviroChemie Process Water Treatment Solutions

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