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    EnviroChemie EnviCheck ‘health check’ service for water and wastewater plants

    products-servicesEnviroChemie GmbH
    March 22nd 2023

    Water and wastewater treatment specialist EnviroChemie has introduced EnviCheck as a one-stop-shop check-up service for water and wastewater treatment plants.

    EnviCheck provides a simple but effective four step optimization process with ongoing process support.

    EnviCheck scope

    The EnviCheck service can be applied to any water and wastewater plant, even third party facilities not originally supplied by EnviroChemie.

    The service provides an EnviroChemie expert to visit the plant to  see how it is performing against pre-defined objectives and benchmarks. These might include:

    • Meeting trade effluent consent limits
    • Meeting discharge limit values
    • Reviewing wastewater treatment capacity against revised hydraulic or pollutant loads
    • Cost reductions through reduction of sludge volumes, energy or chemical consumption
    • Checking processes and plant technology
    • Reduce water consumption through recovery of wastewater streams.

    How EnviCheck works

    The EnviCheck plant audit process involves four steps:

    • Step 1: Define Objectives such as examples above.
    • Step 2: Collect Data from onsite observation and measurement
    • Step 3: Present Findings in itemized report
    • Step 4: Optimize Plant to meet objectives and correct shortcomings

    Optimization will involve EnviroChemie providing detailed feedback and specific recommendations with ongoing support and involvement to assist in implementation.


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    Determine your plant's CO₂ emissions and discover which processes significantly impact your carbon footprint, as well as optimising your processes to reduce CO₂ emissions

    EnviroChemie EnviCheck ‘health check’ service for water and wastewater plants

    EnviCheck can be applied to any water or wastewater plant.

    EnviroChemie EnviCheck ‘health check’ service for water and wastewater plants

    EnviCheck involves a four step optimisation process.

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