EnviroChemie cuts ribbon to open new Middle East bureau

EnviroChemie cuts ribbon to open new Middle East bureau


Press Release | EnviroChemie GmbH

JULY 07, 2015

Dubai, UAE: – German-based water treatment specialist EnviroChemie has officially opened its new sales office in the United Arab Emirates, bringing its high technology ‘Made in Germany’ systems and services closer to new customers in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region.

The official opening of the new Dubai office by Gottlieb Hupfer, CEO of EnviroChemie, coincided with the WETEX environmental trade fair in Dubai, which provided opportunities to initiate a range of new projects with customers, and to discuss already commissioned projects in detail.

Strategic move

Robin Steinsdorfer, Managing Director of the local subsidiary EnviroChemie FZE, and Visakh John Thomas, who will head the new office, led the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“This is a timely move,” said Robin Steinsdorfer. “In the run up to Expo 2020 Dubai, with its theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, we expect to see Dubai and the UAE assume an ever more important strategic place in the region with concepts of innovation and sustainability climbing further up the agenda.”

Consultancy capacity

EnviroChemie has been supplying selected industries in the region with its high-technology “Made in Germany” modular water and wastewater treatment systems for over a decade. Now the newly opened Dubai office will improve local service and consultancy capacities.

EnviroChemie can now provide the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC, with its entire product range in plant engineering for water and wastewater technology in industrial applications. These include customized and modular Envochem plants for physico-chemical treatment, the Biomar series for biological treatment, Flomar flotation plants and Envopur membrane plants.

About EnviroChemie

EnviroChemie GmbH has established a reputation for reliable and innovative technology for water and wastewater treatment, specializing in developing and implementing customized solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences.

This ISO-9001 certified engineering company was founded in 1976 and offers a holistic range of “Made in Germany” branded products and services based on chemical-physical, biological and membrane filtration processes, whose pedigree relies on its long list of research achievements and patents.

EnviroChemie adopts a partnership approach in which client specialized needs and characteristics form the basis for individual design, planning, engineering, building and commissioning of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plants.

With more than 30,000 plants sold worldwide, EnviroChemie can apply unrivalled experience to continuous development of innovative and reliable industrial water and wastewater technologies.

EnviroChemie specializes in supporting customers in projects, where effluents must be specifically treated in order to:

  • Abate trace elements by concentrating them (e.g. reverse osmosis and vacuum distillation)
  • Inactivate streams containing biologically active ingredients (e.g. vaccines, antigens, etc.) by means of thermal sterilisation technology
  • Eliminate pharmaceuticals implementing advanced oxidation processes (e.g. ozonation)
  • Generate green energy (biogas) from digested organic matter (COD) implementing anaerobic treatment technology (e.g. at insulin production facilities)

EnviroChemie products are developed and supplied from three sites in Germany and Switzerland and the company operates seven sales and service offices, including subsidiaries in Brazil and Russia.

Media Contact

Jutta Quaiser, Press & PR Manager, EnviroChemie GmbH
Tel: +49 (0) 6154 6998 72
Email: jutta.quaiser@envirochemie.com


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Photo: From left: Robin Steinsdorfer, Gottlieb Hupfer and John Thomas Visakh prepare to cut the ribbon opening the new EnviroChemie FZE office in Dubai.

Photo: From left: Robin Steinsdorfer, Gottlieb Hupfer and John Thomas Visakh prepare to cut the ribbon opening the new EnviroChemie FZE office in Dubai.

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