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    EnviroChemie advanced wastewater treatment solutions

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    June 4th 2021

    EnviroChemie offers a range of specialized advanced wastewater treatment solutions designed for use in biopharmaceutical and healthcare facilities, including production plants, hospitals, laboratories and research institutions.

    These highly tailored and modular wastewater treatment plant designs recognize the specific challenges posed by biopharma and life sciences processes that might create wastewater containing chemical, trace active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), radioactive contamination or other hazardous material.

    Dealing with these challenges requires the use of advanced wastewater treatment steps, used either as standalone solutions or in multi-modular combinations.

    EnviroChemie can provide a wide range of wastewater detoxification solutions that involve multi-stage processes exploiting a range of different technologies, such as Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) and chemical-physical solutions.

    What is wastewater treatment?

    Wastewater is water that has been used for cleaning or industrial processes, including biopharmaceutical processes and healthcare treatment. As a result wastewater will contain biological, chemical, plastic or metallic substances that must be removed before it can be safely returned to the environment.

    Wastewater treatment therefore describes any of the specific processes that must be employed to remove substances and contaminants from used water, in order to avoid pollution of rivers, seas, groundwater and environmental habitats and to avoid causing or spreading diseases.

    In the life sciences industries, wastewater treatment may involve removing unwanted harmful or toxic elements from water used in industrial production, primarily specific inorganic compounds or elements such as chromate, cyanide, nitrite or Sulphur compounds. In pharma applications, there is also the challenge of removing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs).

    Types of wastewater treatment most useful for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors include:

    • Biological wastewater treatment using bacteria or micro-organisms in aerobic or anaerobic processes.
    • Physical-chemical detoxification using a combination of treatment chemicals and filtering of particles, for example with membrane technology. This can also be used as a pre-stage for full biological water purification.
    • Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) including Fenton reaction, use of ozone under alkaline conditions or of a combination of UV light with Hydrogen Peroxide.

    Since it is rare for any single method to have a 100% yield, a systematic or portfolio approach is usually needed, combining a range of wastewater treatment plant processes to deal with all hazards.

    EnviroChemie biopharmaceutical wastewater solutions

    EnviroChemie is a world leader in decentralized industrial and process wastewater treatment with specialized knowledge and technologies applicable across chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, based on more than 40 years of experience in water treatment.

    EnviroChemie designs and engineers new plants or further develops existing plants within frameworks of customer orders, research cooperation or the development of off-the-shelf solutions.

    EnviroChemie offers solutions for wastewater treatment and detoxification, using combinations of AOP, Biomar® biological, Envopur® membrane or Envochem® and Split-O-MAT® physical-chemical processes according to specific processes and required cleaning performance.

    Its Sterifix® plants are designed to sterilize wastewater in the pharmaceutical industry, including research laboratories operating at security levels S2, S3 and S4, and in quarantine areas in hospitals.

    EnviroChemie BioChroma® plants use a combination of biological, adsorptive and filtration processes to treat radioactive wastewater created during radiation therapy in hospitals, for example.

    EnviroChemie recognizes that wastewater treatment not only needs to be effective in removing contaminants to clean water to required limit values but also should be resource-efficient, minimize energy consumption and be easily implemented across a wide range of geographies and sector scenarios.

    The modular approach used by EnviroChemie includes off-site fabrication and self-contained EnviModul® treatment plants that can be delivered as single modules that just require power and water connections. Similarly, self-contained Twin Type double modules that combine two or more mutually supporting water treatment steps and processes can be offered, as well as full Multi-Modular Plants that combine water technologies with supporting modules, such as  laboratories,  offices, staff accommodation and all necessary HVAC and other support services needed to quickly create an entire wastewater treatment facility.


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    EnviroChemie advanced wastewater treatment solutions

    EnviroChemie Sterifix wastewater treatment plant installed in hospital

    EnviroChemie advanced wastewater treatment solutions

    BioChroma decay system for the treatment of radioactive wastewater

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