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EnviroChemie acquires UK’s industrial effluent specialist Clearfleau

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June 5th 2018

Rossdorf, Germany: – Advanced water treatment specialist EnviroChemie GmbH (EnviroChemie) has announced its acquisition of British industrial effluent treatment leader Clearfleau Ltd. (Clearfleau).

The merger will allow Clearfleau to expand operations in Europe while providing a wider range of technological solutions to its British manufacturing industry clients.

Clearfleau is a leading British provider of on-site waste treatment to energy plants for the food and drink sector, while EnviroChemie supplies advanced ‘Made in Germany’ modular and pre-assembled water and wastewater treatment plants for clients in the industrial and commercial sectors worldwide.

Industrial treatment synergies

EnviroChemie, based in Darmstadt, Hesse, has established a global reputation for reliable and innovative technology in the water and wastewater treatment sector. As part of the extensive SKion portfolio of water-related investments, it develops and implements a range of customised on-site treatment solutions for customers in a range of industrial and commercial markets.

EnviroChemie Managing Director, Dr Jörg Krause, commented: “The acquisition of Clearfleau is an exciting development for both companies. We have identified great synergies with their industrial bio-energy focus, as Clearfleau will be able to supply its technology in our markets and they will also support us in the development of sales in the UK market.”

AD biogas leader

Clearfleau has developed technical leadership for on-site anaerobic digestion (AD) based plants that enable food and drink processing companies to treat their effluent and generate biogas, reducing their overall energy use and cutting carbon emissions while converting liquid residues into bio-energy and clean water.

Clearfleau’s Chief Executive, Craig Chapman, said: “We wanted a strong partner to help us develop the industrial effluent treatment and biogas market outside the UK. This collaboration with EnviroChemie offers considerable growth potential for the combined business in the UK and the global market, as more businesses seek a circular economy solution which exploits the energy value in process residues currently being discarded on many factory sites.”

International collaboration

Clearfleau has a number of high-profile industrial clients and reference plants, and will represent EnviroChemie in the UK industrial market, developing technology and specialty chemical sales and extending the range of solutions the company can provide. The partners will collaborate to develop the market for Clearfleau’s plants on industrial sites in Europe and other areas.

EnviroChemie is owned by SKion GmbH whose portfolio of companies involved in the water treatment sector also includes ELIQUO HYDROK in the UK serving the municipal market. Clearfleau is already working closely with EnviroChemie on projects in the UK and will provide support on its projects elsewhere.

About EnviroChemie

EnviroChemie GmbH has established a reputation for reliable and innovative technology for water and wastewater treatment, specializing in developing and implementing customized solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences.

This ISO-9001 certified engineering company was founded in 1976 and offers a holistic range of “Made in Germany” branded products and services based on chemical-physical, biological and membrane filtration processes, whose pedigree relies on its long list of research achievements and patents.
EnviroChemie adopts a partnership approach in which client specialized needs and characteristics form the basis for individual design, planning, engineering, building and commissioning of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plants.

With more than 30,000 plants sold worldwide, EnviroChemie can apply unrivalled experience to continuous development of innovative and reliable industrial water and wastewater technologies.

EnviroChemie specializes in supporting customers in projects, where effluents must be specifically treated in order to:

  • Remove hazardous substances from wastewater (e.g. advanced oxidation processes)
  • Inactivate streams containing biologically active ingredients (e.g. vaccines, antigens, etc.) by means of thermal sterilization technology
  • Eliminate pharmaceuticals implementing advanced oxidation processes (e.g. ozonation)
  • Generate green energy (biogas) from digested organic matter (COD) implementing anaerobic treatment technology (e.g. at insulin production facilities)
  • EnviroChemie products are developed and supplied from three sites in Germany and Switzerland and the company operates 23 sales and service offices worldwide

About Clearfleau

Clearfleau is a British effluent treatment technology supplier and leading provider of on-site biogas plants for the food and beverage processing sector. The on-site bio-energy plants are designed to optimize energy output from liquid processing residues, applying both anaerobic and aerobic technologies. Their plants are designed for on-site treatment of industrial effluents and co-products particularly from the food and beverage sectors including Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG Clearfleau has operational plants and others in the pipeline on food, dairy and whisky production sites across the UK and its plants are tailored to individual site requirements.

For more information please visit:

Follow on Twitter: @Clearfleau.

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