Engineered lentiviral vectors for custom cell models

Engineered lentiviral vectors for custom cell models


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For researchers looking to generate stable cell models in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way, lentiviral vectors are increasingly becoming the method of choice.

SIRION biotech offers a wide portfolio of customized lentiviral services:

  • lentiviral vectors for overexpression and gene knockdown ex vivo
  • constitutive and inducible promoters
  • multicistronic vector designs for highly homogeneous, stable cell models without time-consuming clonal selection post-transduction
  • SIRION’s All-in-ONE inducible vector system for easier handling with difficult cytotoxic genes and short hairpin (shRNA) strategies

The service allows vectors to be produced in less than 4 weeks.

Custom lentivirus features

The service offers cloning of customer cDNA/shRNA into lentiviral expression vectors with verification of cloning success by DNA-Sequencing. Lentivirus production is in HEK293 cells and includes purification, concentration and quality control (QC). Lentivirus titration is performed by qRT-PCR and determination of the infectious titer [IU/ml].

The SIRION custom lentivirus service is characterized by a number of distinctive features:

  • Personalized consultation on vector engineering. See contact form here
  • Optimized vector design for highly homogeneous stable cell pools
  • Reliable gene delivery into dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Fast, stable and strong expression
  • Inducible constructs enable characterization of toxic genes and shRNA
  • Scales from standard and X-large to XX-Large (on request)
  • Access in-house technology: virion modifications and potent transduction enhancers for hard-to-transduce cell types and increased tissue specificity

Custom constitutive lentivirus vectors

Custom constitutive Lentivirus vectors are useful in generating stable cell models to analyze long-term effects of gene overexpression and silencing in dividing and non-dividing cells.

SIRION’s Custom Constitutive Service offers:

  • Large promoter and marker gene selection
  • Variety of different mono- and bicistronic viral vector backbones
  • Combined together with SIRION’s RNAiONETM service, it guarantees flexibility in vector design with knockdown efficiency of at least 80% on mRNA level

Custom inducible lentivirus vectors

SIRION Biotech’s inducible expression platform is based on the latest 3G TET technology which allows to control gene expression reversibly by turning it on or off in the presence of doxycycline. The platform is beneficial for establishing stable inducible cell models, avoiding of silencing of promoter and enabling of toxic gene modulations.

SIRION’s Custom Inducible Service offers:

  • A variety of TET-based vector systems, including the SIRION All-in-One vector
  • High sensitivity without leakiness
  • Inducible knockdown efficiencies above 80% (on mRNA level) when used in combination with the RNAiONETM system

Lentivirus scale selection

SIRION provides custom constitutive as well as inducible lentiviral vectors in various scales.

Standard scales Titer in Viral Particles (IU) Timelines
Standard ≥ 1E7 IU 2-4 weeks
Medium ≥ 1E8 IU 3-5 weeks
Large ≥ 5E8 IU 6-7 weeks
X-Large ≥ 2.5E9 IU 7-8 weeks
XX-Large ≥ 5E9 IU On request



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