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    enGenes Biotech makes debut at ICB V continuous biomanufacturing event

    news-releasesenGenes Biotech GmbH
    October 5th 2022

    Vienna, Austria: – Recombinant proteins specialist CDMO enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) will make its debut at the 5th Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing (ICB V) conference near Barcelona to highlight the relevance of its advanced recombinant protein production platforms to continuous production.

    enGenes CEO Dr. Juergen Mairhofer will contribute to the conference agenda with a presentation “Two-stage continuous growth-decoupled biomolecules production using Escherichia coli – Towards microbial small-footprint manufacturing”.

     -eXcite continuous biomolecule production

    The enGenes contribution, highlighting the potential for the  -eXcite variant of its  -eXpress growth decoupled E. coli based expression platform to aid more nimble and cost-effective production of biomolecules, will form part of the conference’s Session 1: Breakthrough ICB technologies on the horizon, opening at 0700 hrs. on Day Two of the event. Monday, October 10, 2022.

    The session, chaired by Astrid Dürauer, of Austria BOKU university and Michael Coolbaugh, of Sanofi, will explore the disruptive innovations needed to enable genuine continuous biomanufacturing a technology that moves beyond batch processing, also making it more sustainable and with potential to be automated and fully transferable.

    Bringing stability to E. coli continuous production  

    “I will be showing ICB colleagues that while conventional E. coli cell lines are too unstable for continuous production with rapid declines in product yields, we have demonstrated that by decoupling protein production from cell growth we can genetically stabilize the manufacturing process and develop microbial continuous production processes that are superior to continuous processes using conventional host cells,” Dr. Mairhofer commented.

    “I will also show the conference how enGenes-eXcite allows substantially higher yields and extended productivity, allowing us to develop production processes that are highly cost-effective and allow for process intensification since they can be run in smaller equipment compared to conventional fed-batch processes,” he noted.

    About enGenes Biotech

    enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) is a contract research, development and manufacturing company that provides leading edge technologies and production services focused on recombinant proteins in bacteria. The company’s mission is to provide cost-effective and scalable production of recombinant proteins at a fraction of current cost, allied to a vision of developing a world-class portfolio of cutting-edge protein production technologies, relevant to a broad spectrum of application fields.

    enGenes has developed advanced technologies to drive more cost-effective recombinant protein production processes, including its proprietary enGenes-eXpress™ E. coli platform that achieves outstanding yields of soluble and active recombinant protein. enGenes-eXpress™ has been successfully applied for the manufacturing of enzymes and biopharmaceutical products that failed to give economically feasible yields in a conventional expression host.

    enGenes Biotech offers development and manufacturing services tailored around the needs of pharmaceutical and industrial biotech companies. The services include expression strain and vector development, fermentation process development and optimization, downstream process development, production of purified protein, technology transfer and scale-up support with technology out-licensing and co-development opportunities.

    About ICB V

    The Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing conference series was established in 2013 in Barcelona, Spain to provide a biennial platform for an international gathering of thought leaders across industry and academia to discuss and debate the promise of integrated continuous manufacturing for biological therapeutics.

    Previous ICB conferences have also been held in 2015 (Berkeley, USA), 2017 (Cascais, Portugal) and 2019 (Cape Cod, USA).

    The 5th Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing conference (ICB V) will be a five-day event opening October 9 at the Dolce Sitges Barcelona Resort at Sitges, in northeastern Spain.

    Under the theme “Back to Barcelona”, the conference will reflect on the dramatic progress that has been made over the previous nine years in continuous technologies and strategies being proven at increasingly large scales in clinical and commercial environments.

    The conference will also address the global pressures that are compelling companies to innovate lean and flexible development and manufacturing to enable faster responses to therapeutic needs, cost-effective processing in an increasingly competitive landscape, and sustainable approaches to minimize resource requirements and environmental impact.

    The event is organized by US-based Engineering Conferences International with further information at


    Click on Cost-effective recombinant protein production with enGenes-eXpress for further information.


    Meet the Partners - Co-Founder - Juergen Mairhofer

    enGenes Biotech makes debut at ICB V continuous biomanufacturing event

    ICB V conference venue: Dolce Sitges Barcelona Resort.

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