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    enGenes announce attendance to Recombinant Protein Production (RPP) conference in Girona, Spain

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    October 17th 2023

    Girona, Spain: –  enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) will attend the Recombinant Protein Production (RPP) conference from the 17th – 19th October. During the attendance they wish to announce an ongoing ECOnti project for an accelerated, low ecological footprint, manufacturing platform for continuous production of biotechnological products. This project uses -eXcite technology and will be presented as a talk by Dr Natalia Danielewicz and will discuss the subject of microbial processes and their importance in the production of a wide variety of products. They plan to address the challenges to achieving eco-friendly, long-term production of these molecules. Also, discuss why high mutation rates in bacteria currently prevent continuous process control, while large-scale biotechnological plants consume excessive energy and water. The ECOnti project aims to develop a microbial continuous production process integrated into a digital environment. enGenes Biotech’s patented technology separates growth and production phases, enabling long-term cultivation and stability.

    During the conference, enGenes Biotech will present two posters with two technologies, -eXtra and -eXcess. The first one presented by Johanna will aim at showing that enGenes Biotech has performed high high-standard extracellular production process for endonuclease. In that project, they wish to present process development and optimization results on the extracellular production of a recombinant endonuclease from Serratia marcescent. Endonuclease plays an essential role in removing impurities during cellular protein production to ensure high-quality and effective production of the final product.

    The second poster presented by Dr Florian Strobl aims to show the performance of enGenes Biotech –eXcess technology in plasmid DNA (pDNA) production. This product has been utilized as a vaccine or as a precursor or raw material in various pharmaceutical production processes (mRNA, AAV, etc.). They want to show how in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, defined media is preferred to also guarantee quality standards and supply of material and that the use of defined media can lead to a reduction in product titer, productivity, and yield.

    -eXcess technology uses a constraint-based metabolic model to optimize the average volumetric productivity of pDNA production in a fed-batch process. They will show how a set of 13 nutrients in the growth medium were identified that are essential for cell growth but not for pDNA replication. Absence or depletion of these nutrients in the medium leads to rest of cell growth and increased pDNA production, increasing specific and volumetric yield and productivity. To exploit this effect, a fermentation process was developed in which, after the biomass production phase, the pDNA production phase is induced by sulfate limitation.

    The growth-decoupling behaviour of sulfate and assessed pDNA quantity and quality attributes (supercoiled pDNA content) were validated using an E. coli K-12 strain in lab-scale fed-batch processes. The results showed a significant increase in supercoiled pDNA to biomass yield by 29% upon limitation of sulfate.

    General Summary

    Econti project (-eXcite):

    Accelerated, Low Ecological Footprint Manufacturing: Econti aims to provide an environmentally friendly, continuous manufacturing platform for biotechnological products. Clients can benefit from reduced environmental impact, including lower energy and water consumption.

    Continuous Bioprocesses: The technology targets the development of fully continuous bioprocesses using microbial cells for recombinant proteins, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.

    Digital Integration: Integration of fermentation reactors, recovery units, and continuous chromatography through automated software solutions can improve process control and reduce human error.

    Cost-Effective Production: Successful implementation of Econti can lead to faster and more cost-effective production of a wide range of biotechnological products, such as enzymes, biopharmaceuticals, and food ingredients.

    -eXtra Technology:

    High-Quality Production: -eXtra focuses on extracellular production processes for endonucleases, which play a crucial role in ensuring the high-quality and effective production of cellular proteins. Clients can benefit from higher product quality.

    Promising Results: Benchtop cultivations have shown promising results, indicating that clients can expect improved production yields with this technology.

    Biopharmaceutical Applications: High-quality endonuclease production is essential for various pharmaceutical processes, including mRNA and AAV production, making it highly relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.

    -eXcess Technology:

    Optimized pDNA Production: -eXcess technology optimizes plasmid DNA (pDNA) production in a fed-batch process. Clients can benefit from improved productivity and yield of pDNA, which is critical for vaccine and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    Defined Media Use: The use of defined media helps ensure consistent product quality and supply, addressing the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Enhanced Specific Yield: By identifying essential nutrients for cell growth and pDNA replication and depleting non-essential nutrients, clients can achieve an increase in specific yield and productivity.

    Reduction in Sulfate Dependency: The technology reduces sulfate dependency during pDNA production, leading to improved product quality and increased supercoiled pDNA content.

    Leading role

    Dr Mairhofer said the funding of ECOnti marked a potential to offer clients more environmentally friendly and cost-effective manufacturing processes, higher product quality, and improved productivity. These benefits can be especially valuable for clients in the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical industries, where efficiency, quality, and sustainability are paramount.

    enGenes Biotech CEO Dr. Juergen Mairhofer commented:

    “The -eXpress technology facilitates continuous two-stage chemostat operation, producing significant protein yields. Our intention in this conference will be to promote continuous bioprocesses and show that the efficiency of the bioprocesses resides in gains by reducing facility size, genetic instability of production strain and by implementing process control elements.”

    Johanna Berein further mentioned:

    “Our success during the eXtra project for recombinant extracellular production process was also beneficial to further the progress of other projects, like EConti”.

    Dr Natalia Danielewicz then concluded, “We are all very determined to provide the industry with access to biotech products with a lower ecological footprint at affordable prices, and for this, we always think of combining knowledge father from all technologies”.

    About enGenes Biotech

    enGenes Biotech GmbH (enGenes) is a contract research, development and manufacturing company that provides leading-edge technologies and production services focused on recombinant proteins in bacteria. The company’s mission is to provide cost-effective and scalable production of recombinant proteins at a fraction of the current cost, allied to a vision of developing a world-class portfolio of cutting-edge protein production technologies, relevant to a broad spectrum of application fields.

    enGenes has developed advanced technologies to drive more cost-effective recombinant protein production processes, including its proprietary enGenes-X-press™ E. coli platform that achieves outstanding yields of soluble and active recombinant protein. enGenes-X-press™ has been successfully applied for the manufacturing of enzymes and biopharmaceutical products that failed to give economically feasible yields in a conventional expression host.

    enGenes Biotech offers development and manufacturing services tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical and industrial biotech companies. The services include expression strain and vector development, fermentation process development and optimization, downstream process development, production of purified protein, technology transfer and scale-up support with technology out-licensing and co-development opportunities.


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    enGenes announce attendance to Recombinant Protein Production (RPP) conference in Girona, Spain

    enGenes is presenting the ECOnti Project aimed at forging a new method for biotech continuous manufacturing based on its patented E.coli X-cite technology at conference and further gives the overview of poster presented with -eXtra and -eXcess technologies.

    enGenes announce attendance to Recombinant Protein Production (RPP) conference in Girona, Spain
    enGenes announce attendance to Recombinant Protein Production (RPP) conference in Girona, Spain

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