EC validates declaration of CBDepot’s trans-CBD as suitable food substance

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April 6th 2020

Teplice, Czech Republic: – The Novel Food application of synthesized trans-Cannabidiol (CBD) from pioneering producer and B2B supplier of upmarket cannabinoid solutions, CBDepot, has been declared as suitable by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Subsequent dossier validation by EU Commission is seen as a significant milestone that is expected to clear the way for a series of similar cannabinoid-based food ingredient from CBDepot, responding to significant increase in demand from the food and beverages sectors for CBD.

EC Validity check

On March 31, CBDepot’s application for synthesized trans-CBD as a ‘Novel Foods’ substance appeared as EC mandate number M-2018-0021 on EFSA’s Register of Questions portal (See Resources).

This not only confirms EFSA acceptance of the EU Commission‘s mandate to perform a Risk Assessment on the Dossier NF 2019/1371 for synthesized trans-CBD but also means CBDepot is currently the only company worldwide holding a “Valid” Novel Food Application for CBD.

Broad spectrum approval

Now, with the first application on hemp-derived Cannabidiol as a novel food filed back in 2016 through Czech Ministry of Agriculture, and re-filed electronically with the EU in early 2018, the group of companies around CBDepot covers both natural and synthesized versions of CBD to be approved as authorized novel food ingredients.

“We were expecting considerable delays in validation of this new application given the COVID-19 crisis. However, we were quite impressed to see the EU Commission granted a Valid status to our dossier just a few days after EFSA Suitability check was completed. Now, we are looking forward to hearing back from EFSA in the Risk Assessment phase,” commented CBDepot’s co-founder and Chief Sales Officer, Boris Baňas, a long time campaigner for consistent Europe-wide standards on ethical and nutraceutical cannabinoid products.

EC Delays

The European Commission has so far failed to validate the application for isolated CBD as a food ingredient, despite having received “EFSA Suitable” status in July 2019.

“We can only assume the reasons for this may be similar to those that European hemp industry has been experiencing in the cosmetics sector since March 2019: that “synthetically produced” Cannabidiol is allowed for cosmetics use without specific restrictions while Cannabidiol “derived from extract or tincture or resin of cannabis” bears a ‘306’ restriction,” Mr. Baňas explained.

Natural CBD restriction

Restriction “306” in the EC’s CosIng cosmetic ingredients database refers to Schedules I and II of 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs as per Annex II of REGULATION (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products.

“However, CBDepot believes the source of chemical substance does not matter in assessment of legality, provided it was manufactured according to legal requirements in the country of origin. By filling application for authorization on synthesized CBD, we hope to lift the legal prejudices against cannabidiol, which is the same molecule regardless of its source,” said Mr. Baňas.

About CBDepot

CBDepot is an innovative and recognized producer and B2B supplier of upmarket natural and synthesized cannabinoid ingredients to fast-growing markets in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and health products industries sectors.

CBDepot specializes in bulk supply of cannabinoid-based ingredients for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. Its products ensure that content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main intoxicating element of cannabis, is below detectable levels. Instead, its products emphasize the two other main natural ingredients, cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG).

Established in 2014, CBDepot has become a leader in helping to establish legal and quality standards for cannabinoid ingredients and the formulation of cannabidiol derivatives. Since foundation it has operated under legal license granted by the government of the Czech Republic.

The company’s initial mission was the supply of “Legal and Quality CBD” at a time when sourcing ethical and quality isolated CBD was a challenge. CBDepot’s scientific knowledge is based on close links with the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The company’s Chief Sales Officer, Boris Baňas, is an ex-board member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), where he successfully campaigned for the establishment of new Europe-wide standards.


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EC validates declaration of CBDepot’s trans-CBD as suitable food substance

CBDepot isolated Cannabidiol (CBD) powder

EC validates declaration of CBDepot’s trans-CBD as suitable food substance

Boris Baňas, Chief Scientific Officer, CBDepot