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    Delim brings innovative formulation offers to Simposio AFI in Rimini

    news-releasesDelim Cosmetics & Pharma s.r.l.
    May 24th 2024

    Milan, Italy: – Innovative CRO Delim Cosmetics & Pharma s.r.l. will highlight its advanced formulation and generic development capabilities at the upcoming symposium for pharmaceutical industries, the annual SIMPOSIO AFI, in the Italian Adriatic coast city of Rimini.

    Delim will contribute to the conference agenda with posters detailing some of the scientific challenges it has faced in developing topical and oral formulations for specific therapeutic indications.

    The company will be present at the Posters Session of the conference, scheduled for Thursday the 6th of June, from 12:30 to 14:30 in the foyer area of Sala dell’Arco’, with a scientific team there to expand on the topics presented on the boards.

    The Delim team will also take part in the Symposium’s many networking opportunities as it seeks to expand its network of academic and commercial partners and develop new collaborations.

    QbD approach to pharmaceutical development

    One Delim poster, ‘Example of application of the Quality by Design approach to the pharmaceutical development of a generic topical gel’, details its QbD approach to the development of a generic Adapalene topical gel formulation therapeutically equivalent to an RLD for treatment of acne vulgaris skin conditions.

    The poster shows how Delim used DoE methodology during pharmaceutical development to fine-tune the manufacturing process by establishing a Design Space defined by the Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) of the drug product. It also shows the control strategy implemented, that includes CMAs and CPPs identified during the risk assessment, as well as in-process controls and product specifications.

    Patient compliant GPC formulation

    Another Delim poster, ‘Development of a cholinergic drug in the form of orodispersible granulate for the treatment of cognitive decline’, is the result of collaboration with its CDMO partner Laboratorio Farmaceutico CT, located in Sanremo (IM).

    It details promising results in using micronized colloidal silica as an excipient to obtain an oral solid formulation for choline alfoscerate (GPC) in the form of orodispersible granules. This form can overcome present issues of current marketed GPC dosage forms being difficult to swallow for the elderly patients, who are the main target population for this anti-Alzheimer’s and senile dementia therapy.

    About Delim

    Headquartered at Vimodrone, in Milan, Delim Cosmetics & Pharma s.r.l., has rapidly established itself as a dynamic and innovative Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specializing in the development of novel drugs formulations and generic pharmaceutical products.

    Delim specializes in the design, patenting, and technical transfer of innovative and generic pharmaceutical products in line with its core mission to offer highly advanced B2B services to companies that need innovative technical/scientific support for the development of pharmaceutical products.

    Delim services include assistance for: patenting, sourcing of API active ingredients, development of prototypes, clinical trials. Also, assistance for: scale-up of manufacturing methods, tech transfer to GMP facilities, production of pilot and validation batches, regulatory consulting and preparation of dossiers for pharmaceutical products registration.

    Delim’s in-house specialist expertise takes in development of semi-solid innovative and generic formulations (Q1, Q2, Q3), solid oral formulations for both immediate release and controlled release through technologies such as fluid bed coating and spray drying, in vitro studies of semi-solid products for topical and ophthalmic use, development and validation of analytical methods.

    Its technology portfolio covers a broad range of therapeutic areas and delivery systems including  dermatology, gynecology, pneumology, oncology, and ophthalmology. It also specializes in formulations for medical device delivery in additional application areas such as orthopedics and aesthetic medicine.

    To learn more, visit:

    About AFI Simposio

    The annual symposium hosted by Italy’s Associazione Farmaceutici dell’Industria (Pharmaceutical Industry Association) is dedicated to promoting knowledge exchange between science researchers and pharma companies.

    Now in its 63rd edition, the 2024 Simposio AFI will be a three-day event, opening June 5th at the Palacongressi in Rimini, on Italy’s Adriatic coast.

    Themes for the 2024 Simposio AFI will include Innovation, Research, and Sustainability. The co-located Exhibition will feature an expanded area and more dynamic layout to promote networking.

    The conference will also feature dedicated ‘piazza’ spaces such as the Startup Square, for young pharma-biotech companies, medical and diagnostic device innovators, as well as the Pharma Women’s Square, dedicated to women in the life sciences industries.

    Once again, the symposium will feature an extensive Poster Session on original, industrial and academic works regarding the conception, development, production, protection of intellectual property, clinical trials, regulatory aspects and therapeutic applications, with the Dr. Luigi Cavenaghi prize awarded to the most interesting and innovative poster.

    The event is organized by the Italian Pharmaceutical Industry Association (AFI) with further details available at:


    Click on Delim Pharmaceutical Services for further information.


    Delim is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that supports the design of generic and innovative pharmaceutical products for topical and systemic administration

    Delim brings innovative formulation offers to Simposio AFI in Rimini
    Delim brings innovative formulation offers to Simposio AFI in Rimini

    Delim will be an active contributor to the Posters Session at Simposio AFI 2024 in Rimini.

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