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    Dec Group White Paper on end-to-end Dual Chamber Syringe aseptic filling

    white-paperDec Group
    December 1st 2023

    Dec Group, the leading global provider of contained material handling and processing systems, has produced a White Paper guide on the rapidly growing Dual Chamber Syringe (DCS) market, its implications for pharma manufacturers and solutions.

    The White Paper Dual Chamber Syringe Filling Inside an Aseptic Isolator explores the advantages of DCS technology, manufacturing challenges and how these can be overcome using Dec’s highly adaptable aseptic filling line solution, DecFill®.

    Trends and challenges

    The paper identifies the main drivers for increased DCS demand, such as greater adoption of lyophilized drugs and biopharmaceutical clinical products.

    It explores the main challenges of adopting DCS drug delivery systems, principally the technical problems of aseptic filling of dual chamber syringes, maintaining sterility and GMP compliance across the entire filling process of liquids and powders.

    DecFill® Solutions

    The paper shows how DecFill® cGMP aseptic filling lines can readily be configured to accommodate various containers, such as RTUs/RTFs, vials, cartridges, syringes and dual chamber systems. Additionally, DecFill® is easily integrated with Dec‘s high containment systems, oRABS and isolators including fast decontamination compartment (FDC) and safety guards for operator safety.

    DecFill® filling lines enable accurate aseptic fill-finish operations as part of Dec’s end-to-end solutions from raw material handling to the final product.


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