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    Dec Group launches DecFill® Aseptic Filling Line

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    March 4th 2022

    Ecublens, Switzerland: –Powder handling and process containment specialist Dec Group has introduced the DecFill® line of modular Aseptic Filling solutions designed to meet a wide range of applications from laboratory needs to mass production.

    The line features semi- to fully automated filling lines that can be optimized for different speeds and containers such as vials, cartridges, syringes and double chamber systems.

    Along with state-of-the-art robotics, the DecFill® product range can be equipped with precisely tailored solutions of different restricted access barrier systems (RABS) such as o-RABS and isolators as well as upstream handling and processing solutions to streamline manufacturing processes from the raw material input to bulk handling, blending, sampling, micronizing and conveying applications most of which as aseptic processes.

    Dec’s containment solutions ensure that the entire process can take place in a closed loop for operator safety and highest product quality.

    Microdosing Technologies

    The distribution and dosing of powder and liquids plays an important role in both chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Especially, within the range of small quantities when filling vials, syringes, blisters or inhalers, high dosing accuracy with powders of various characteristics is an endless challenge for manufacturers.

    DecFill® aseptic filling lines can be equipped with Dec’s proprietary microdosing solutions based on PTS and BoMa technologies. These technologies enable optimized production efficiency through filling of powders or liquids with high dosing precision, speed and flexibility. They deliver a series of further benefits that include application versatility allowing any powder to be filled without replacing parts, gravimetric or inline monitoring of powder amounts, simultaneous multiple dosing, absence of rotating or moving parts and compact design.

    Dual chamber syringe capability

    DecFill®  is also capable of handling the dual-chamber prefilled syringe (PFS) systems, where both lyophilized drug substances and the liquid are kept separately until they are mixed prior to injection.

    PFS is being increasingly adopted by the pharma industry as the ideal delivery system to overcome challenges such as maintaining drug stability and enhancing durability, as well as enabling tailor-made solutions according to customer requirements, extended product lifecycles and shelf life and simplified dosage regimes.

    Overall, The DecFill® range offers a series of key benefits such as:

    • Ergonomic easy operation
    • Flexibility for various speeds and container formats
    • Multi-container handling in one filling line
    • High filling accuracy for zero product waste
    • ​​​​​​​Seamless integration with state-of-the-art robotics
    • cGMP compliance with Annex 1 Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products guidelines

    Dec Group Business Development Manager Juergen Porzucek commented: “Our new DecFill® solutions are designed to be modular and flexible to handle different packaging. Since they incorporate Dec’s unique patented microdosing technologies for both powder and liquids, our customers can achieve high precision, thus preventing overfilling and accomplishing higher batch yields.”

    About Dec Group

    Dec (Dietrich Engineering Consultants) Group is a leading global provider of contained powder handling systems and is recognized as a world-leading expert in process containment technologies. It has been supplying the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries for more than 30 years.

    Headquartered near Lausanne, Switzerland, Dec Group has a global presence with subsidiaries and agents active in more than 60 countries including subsidiaries in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, India, China and the USA.

    In excess of 600 companies worldwide have successfully integrated more than 10,000 Dec systems and concepts into their production sites, always enhancing safety, containment and productivity.

    Dec offers innovative approaches across the range of powder handling and process containment applications, including transfer, micronizing/milling, bulk handling, sampling, blending, dosing, aseptic fill-finish solutions, process isolators and containment solutions as well as advanced cleaning (CIP/SIP) features.


    Click on Dec Group DecFill Aseptic Filling Line  to download brochure.
    Click on Aseptic process for filling dual chamber syringes to watch video.


    True End-to-End Solutions

    Dec Group launches DecFill® Aseptic Filling Line

    DecFill® aseptic filling station incorporates modular design

    Dec Group launches DecFill® Aseptic Filling Line

    DecFill® aseptic filling line with microdosing solutions for solids and liquids

    Dec Group launches DecFill® Aseptic Filling Line

    DecFill® aseptic filling line can handle dual chamber prefilled syringe (PFS) systems

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