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    Dec Group develops high precision powder and liquid dosing solutions

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    November 14th 2023

    Ecublens, Switzerland: – Powder handling and high containment specialists Dec Group is now able to offer ultra-precise doing platforms for both powders and liquids that incorporate innovative new technologies.

    In a LinkedIn post, Dec Group Managing Director Frederic Dietrich announces: “Our Science and Technology team has developed the perfect technologies for dosing both powder and liquid products.”

    Micro-scale PTS

    Mr. Dietrich notes that both oral solid dose (OSD) and liquid injectable manufacturing require high accuracy dosing platforms to prevent accidental overdose of valuable ingredients.

    In response, Dec has developed its μPTS (micro Powder Transfer System) that follows the same combined pressure and vacuum principle as its renowned full-size PTS platform to ensure maximum dosing accuracy, even with ‘sticky’ powders, but at much smaller scale to accurately fill small volumes of powder into capsules or other primary drug containers.

    Harnessing Boyle’s and Mariotte’s Law

    For micro scale liquid filling needs, Dec now offers its revolutionary BoMa system based on the principles jointly discovered by the 17th century physicians Robert Boyle and Edme Mariotte, that there is an empirical relationship between the compression and expansion of gases at constant temperature, such that the pressure of a given quantity of gas will vary inversely with its volume. This allows gas pressure to be used to meter liquid volumes with very high accuracy while avoiding the shearing and stress associated with pumps. These characteristics make the BoMa system highly suitable for handling ultra-sensitive liquids.

    Dec has applied the award-winning liquid BoMa dosing technology in its DecFill® platforms as an an advanced zero-stress aseptic liquids filling solution from compact tabletop laboratory and R&D applications through to full scale production.

    Safety with efficiency

    Mr. Dietrich tells Dec’s LinkedIn followers: “Furthermore, these advancements not only enhance patient safety but also optimize production efficiency within pharmaceutical facilities. From compounding drugs to filling capsules or vials, our dosing platforms streamline processes while preserving product efficacy.

    “At Dec Group, we take pride in pushing boundaries when it comes to pharmaceutical technology. Our commitment to innovation has led us to create these exceptional dosing platforms, designed to meet the industry’s most demanding requirements,” he concludes.

    About Dec Group

    Dec (Dietrich Engineering Consultants) Group is the leading global provider of contained powder handling systems and is recognized as a world-leading expert in process containment technologies. It has been supplying the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries for more than 35 years.

    The depth of Dec’s knowledge and their ability to develop innovative new technologies make them an invaluable partner for both multinationals and specialist organizations.

    ​With true worldwide coverage through subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, USA, India, China, its recent acquisition of advanced containment and aseptic solution provider Extract Technology and the latest expansion with the integration of UK based Alconbury Weston Ltd (AWL), leading in flow chemistry solutions as well as agents covering more than 60 countries, the Dec Group provides its customers with unparalleled global expertise and a reliable network for local support.

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    True End-to-End Solutions

    Dec Group develops high precision powder and liquid dosing solutions

    Aseptic liquid filling with BoMa technology inside isolator.

    Dec Group develops high precision powder and liquid dosing solutions

    DecFill® Lab for liquids using BoMa Technology.

    Dec Group develops high precision powder and liquid dosing solutions

    DecFill® Lab for powders using PTS Technology.

    Dec Group develops high precision powder and liquid dosing solutions

    Fully integrated process: DecFill® Fill-Finish isolator after spray drying process and homogenization.

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