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    Dec establishes world-class Serialization solution

    news-releasesDec Group
    March 31st 2023

    Ecublens, Switzerland: –Materials handling and process specialist Dec Group has established a center of excellence in the serialization and aggregation solutions needed to make global pharmaceutical supplies safer and more secure.

    Dec Netherlands has become a trusted serialization and aggregation equipment supplier for many pharmaceutical companies, with a successful track record extending over many years.

    The company has established uniquely flexible and tailored equipment solutions that can integrate serialization & aggregation equipment into an existing production line. It prides itself on seamless implementation, carried out with minimal downtime.

    Aggregation advantages

    Aggregation is a key step in securing the pharma supply chain by adding a track & trace capability in which every item has a unique digital identity. Primarily this serves to combats tampering and counterfeiting as demanded by regulations such as the EU FMD Falsified Medicines Directive, required to maintaining trust in the pharmaceutical industry and assure worldwide patient safety.

    Additionally, effective serialization also confers efficiency advantages. It provides new levels of insight to the pharma logistics and distribution processes.

    However, the implementation of aggregation can be challenging as it adds steps to the packaging process. It is therefore important to integrate a solution that is flexible and tailored to individual production processes to maximize the potential gains.

    Dec Serialization features

    Dec Group’s Serialization & Aggregation Solutions are designed to simplify the pharmaceutical packaging process, while meeting all specified client requirements and focusing on overall plant compatibility. The can allow full tracking from single manufactured items through to complete shipping pallets. Features include:

    • All-in-one operations for fast, flexible, and easy handling (Plug & Play)
    • Serialization platform integration (Systech line management) and flexibility through modular design
    • Ergonomic design with integrated operator interface
    • Flexibility to handle a wide range of product sizes and packaging artwork designs on the same line.

    Dec offers a comprehensive solution that integrates specialized software with robotics where appropriate, along with high speed vision inspection and printing components.

    About Dec Group

    Dec (Dietrich Engineering Consultants) Group is the leading global provider of contained powder handling systems and is recognized as a world-leading expert in process containment technologies. It has been supplying the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries for more than 35 years.

    The depth of Dec’s knowledge and their ability to develop innovative new technologies make them an invaluable partner for both multinationals and specialist organizations.

    ​With true worldwide coverage through subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, USA, India, China, its recent acquisition of advanced containment and aseptic solution provider Extract Technology and the latest expansion with the integration of UK based Alconbury Weston Ltd (AWL), leading in flow chemistry solutions as well as agents covering more than 60 countries, the Dec Group provides its customers with unparalleled global expertise and a reliable network for local support.

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    True End-to-End Solutions

    Dec establishes world-class Serialization solution

    A Dec Serialization & Aggregation case serialization station can function as a stand-alone unit or be integrated into an existing production line.

    Dec establishes world-class Serialization solution

    Dec Serialization & Aggregation solutions can incorporate robotic handling and video inspection.

    Dec establishes world-class Serialization solution

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