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Customized and Scalable Automation Assembly Solutions

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July 3rd 2017

Boudry, Switzerland: – At the Technology Days in Boudry on May 10 and 11, 2017, Mikron Automation showed customers the future of the automation business and positioned itself as the ideal partner for customized assembly solutions that create real added value. The automation systems of the future are scalable and can adapt quickly and easily to a wide range of requirements. This means they are equally suited to feasibility studies and high-volume series production.

In May, Mikron Automation invited customers to Boudry for its 2017 Technology Days. On site, customers from all over Europe discovered the latest trends in the automation business. The company’s management also explained the strategy of Mikron Automation to ensure it can best meet future customer needs:

  • Scalable automation solutions
  • Higher modularity and more flexibility of the systems through increased functionality
  • Newly developed systems and innovative data management using the latest technologies
  • Build up new employee skills to further increase competitiveness

In concrete terms, Mikron Automation will concentrate in the future on high-tech automation systems that are suitable for both small and very large production volumes.

A great deal of interest was shown in the various technical demonstrations of, for example, collaborative robots or scalable assembly systems. The numerous guests were also impressed by Mikron’s innovative control system MOOS (Mikron Object Oriented Software), which ensures consistent availability of and direct access to all the relevant data at all times.

Some interesting speeches, such as the one by Professor Christian Enz, Director of Microengineering at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, successfully rounded out Mikron Automation’s two-day customer event.

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Mikron Automation, a division of the Mikron Group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of customized, highly productive automation solutions for the assembly and testing of complex products. The division guarantees customers fast, professional service and support.

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